Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh my gold!

I got my gold stuff... and am starting work on gold jewelry... finally.
I'm sorry, I've never done it because I've always been a silver gal. But due to an overwhelming request for gold... I'm doing it!

Here's my first GOLD necklace:

I wish I could find other QUALITY gold bails besides leaves-- they're the most popular and we see them often... but this will have to do for now! I'll go material hunting later, when I have time.
See more HERE.
It's only $22!!! Special intro price~~

And an amazing pair of ribbon earrings with beaded SWAROVSKI ball.
SO MUCH work has gone into this piece.
A beautiful, beautiful piece. Pictures don't do it justice, I swear.
Also, this is a sneak peak at my HOLIDAY earrings line. I'm going to be working with this style, but with more festive colors-- anyone interested?

More info HERE.

And all RIBBON earrings are ON SALE for only $10!!! Limited time, clearing stock of these metal ribbons for more.
Available in PURPLE, BLUE and PINK.

See them HERE.

That's it for now, guys. Classes start tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to post/make new things, but I'll try.


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Also restocked on a couple of beauty products on my website, including

Rina (rae630) really likes these clothes!

And the new masks designed in Japan, made in Korea.


danneel said...

Love the holiday earring line idea!! Would love to see some red and green for christmas, and purple goes with gold pretty well also! ;)

danneel said...

Oh and if you can find some rose gold (like a pinkish gold), it would be even better. ;)

Lisa said...

you've read my mind! Purple and gold was my next venture!

JENNIFER said...

How perfect! I wear mostly gold jewelry anyways. I hope you make more so one day I can order! :D

Angela said...

i love that blue heard earring
they are so pretty

Masa Yume said...

i love the gold. I want the necklace and the earrings ^_^ day lol.