Thursday, September 10, 2009


Why is my entry called "moo!"? No idea. Just felt the urge, and did it.

Do any of you guys have trouble growing out your nails? And for those with nice, awesome nails, any tips for helping them grow longer? :\ I'm a nail chewer :\

Anyway, new stuff available for sale!

Thank you guys so much for all your support towards my bracelets, I'm very honored!
And here's more!

And here's a Moon/Star HQCD Signature TSN (triple swarovski necklace)!

^ Many of you expressed an interest in this when I had one up last week, so here's another! Sorry, only ONE available. Maybe more in the future =)

I finally, FINALLY got my HELIOTROPE Hearts!
Made another signature TSN:

Again, ONLY ONE available till I get more stock, sorry!
Do any of you own helio pieces? Isn't the color just amazing? How do you POSSIBLY capture something like that on camera? It shows up blue, but in real life, it's more purple/blue/black. Intense. It really reminds me of those blue/black butterflies that went extinct ... like 300 years ago or something. Beautiful.


^ that's actually a pretty good representation of the actual color! Yayay
My favorites are this one, and the Dark Angel necklace. I wish I had more necks!!! X_X

And being the dork I am.. I made a necklace in honor of NEW MOON movie (twilight saga) that comes out this November!

Again, also only ONE available FOREVER.
NEVER duplicating this design ever again. Get it NOWWWWWW =)


I'm also giving away these "Edward's eyes on Bella" earrings away for FREE to the person who purchases the necklace!

Enjoy, Enjoy!

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Thanks loves!


Emily said...

omg so pretty!!!!!!!!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

When i saw your "Moo!" post, i thought it was going to be about cow.. LOL
Those necklaces are so pretty.. =)

Jamie said...

That photo makes it look a lot like that necklace from the Titanic film. XD Heart of the Ocean? I dunno, something like that.

Gorgeous bracelets. <3

Miss K. You said...

Aw I see you posted the award- yay :) You have some gorgeous pieces.. I love that deep/sapphire blue heart. I need to get my hands on some of these when I create my Paypal account!

P.S. Do you make customized pieces Lisa?

Eugenia said...

beautiful new stuff!! when i get back on track with my bills im def buying something!!

also cant wait to see what u get in your box!

M said...

Hi Lisa. thanks for coming by~ the dark angels earrings were sold

Anonymous said...

You're awakening the love of jewelry in me! I want to buy them all! LOL