Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He Qi Crystal Designs needs your advice!

Hi everyone!
I've been wanting to take a couple of jewelry/arts classes at UCD for a while now. I'm really torn between a few of these, and I'd like your INPUT to see what you think I should focus on, and perhaps bring to my jewelry?

1. glass fusing, etc./beads/ornaments/pendants
Making things like this: http://santellial.com/images/pendants/murano_glass_pendant_p9.jpg

2. Enameling

3. Metalsmithing: working with precious metals (melting, reworking, etc)

4. A digital photography class, so I can learn to take better photos

Any input it welcome!

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New Work from today:

Made in honor of SIGMA KAPPA at UC Irvine. Their symbols are the heart and dove, and their colors are maroon and lavender. I tried to interpret that into my design.
I'm having a whole new line of SORORITY jewelry coming soon! You'll be seeing me incorporate greek letters into my signature style. My marketing director came up with this genius idea!! Thanks, Jess!



Anonymous said...

Enameling sounds like fun! I say do what makes you happy!


Halifax said...

Lol, you need all 4, if you want to totally expand the business. But maybe for now, prioritize them. IMO, metalsmithing is closest to what you are doing now, so it'd help you improve current work. Next step might be any of the rest. Just my thoughts :-)

Shellie said...

I actually think your pics are pretty okay. I'd pick metalsmithing if I had to pick just one. loving the new necklace! i dont know if you've thought about it, but would you ever do anything for people who has a second piercing on their ear? just a question

rhaindropz said...

i think your pictures were pretty done.. mmm, metalsmithing.. i think.. (since this will be good for your business)

how about vintage designs?


xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow. Now you're going to be bringing in more customers... the Sisters! hehe. That's a cute one!! =]

I think you should take either metalsmithing or a photography class.

Lilly G said...

I think you should take metal smithing first, then the others if you'd like to expand your business. I honestly don't think you need to take a digital photography class because your pictures look fine and your items are selling. You can probably just ask around for photography tips and experiment with different angles and lighting yourself if/when you have time. I know your major is hard but 5 or 10 minutes a day would be fine right? Hope that helps.

Calia Yang said...

metalsmithing for sure - i think you can learn how to take better photography by self-teaching and googling things and your photos are really great already.

Eva said...

i would say metalsmithing as well! your pictures arent that bad better than a lot of people out there =)

Shellie said...

I know you used to do cartilage earrings for double pierced ears. I don't have have a cartilage piercing, just an added piercing next to my first piercing. I guess I should have been more specific. that's what I meant by double piercing.

Stephanie said...

enameling or metalsmithing! I've always want to learn those!

rhaindropz said...

hi hun..

thanks for the visit.. (sniff..) i have colds haha (its raining) im excited with the banner of your shop (so i could post it in my blog)


Marie. said...

I would say 2 and 4. Though your pictures are already stunning, there's nothing wrong with learning more! You're so lucky that you go to a school that offers that (and that KevJumba attends lol thought I'd throw that out there), my school doesnt =(.