Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Giant Update, Pricing and What's coming..

Today, I got a shipment of $250 worth of SWAROVSKI. I was so excited that I forgot I had to pick up my boyfriend from work...I'm terrible :(

But this.. THIS is what I came up with!! A lot of this stuff, you ladies have been waiting a long time to see in stock again, so here it is!

New bracelet!

Key to your heart necklace!
There is VERY limited stock, so please get this quickly. ONLY 6 available!
I can do hearts in pretty much any color you want, so let me know!

Giant bling necklace..probably one of the largest crystals I've ever used... I prefer small and delicate.. but I though, why not?
It's a 28mm SWAROVSKI twist pendant. Beautiful and classy. I'm only going to have ONE of these available.
SOLD already, THANK YOU, Daphne! No more stock! Let me know if you want to get on the waiting list! I have a couple other colors coming in soon.. including PURPLE!!!

Purple's the IN color of the year... so here's more purple!

And I think these earrings are super hot:

Larger butterflies are harder to find, and these are 10mm! I'm not sure why in the photo, the hearts come out more blue. I swear, they're deep purple! I'll take a better photo in the daytime.
Black and purple works great together, don't you think?

And some more earrings:
Ladies, gold?

Regarding Pricing:
I try really, REALLY hard to keep the prices of my items low. So haggling with me... won't really get you anywhere. This is my work, unique work, and you don't see stuff like this just anywhere, not even online. Thank you for understanding =)
I also do A LOT of ONE OF A KIND stuff... meaning, there's only ONE COPY in the entire world. That piece is truly unique, truly yours. TRULY one of a kind.

What's coming up?
- I got my first blog award! I'll be posting it up with my next post =) THANK YOU!!
- More of my signature bracelets.
- tons TONS of NEW CRYSTALS!!!

Come visit my site: HERE
Everyone who places and order tonight gets EVEN MORE extra goodies with their packages than usual! Let me know if you're a reader of my blog in the "comments" section of the shopping cart when you check out!


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rhaindropz said...

wow.. new blings here.. i like the blue earrings and that pink rose earrings..



Anonymous said...

Key to your heart necklace is adorable! I love that your is work one of a kind!

Dina (XYYan) said...

i love the Key to your heart necklace!!
It's so gorgeous!!

Marie. said...

Really pretty new stuff!! $250 worth? Wow!! That's a lot. I have a bunch of new stuff coming in too.. I'm sure when it does I'm going to tell my boyfriend to leave me alone for the rest of the week LOL!

I have the same heart keys but I have no idea what to do with it and I only got one from my local store. Dont you hate when you buy one and you realize you shoulda bought two of something?! Argh.

I think I'll be making an order tonight... in a few hours!

Jamie said...

I'm such a sucker for purple... *sigh* Thank goodness I just received my paycheck lol. XD