Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Necklaces & my favorite moisturizer in the world!

Here's what I've been working on yesterday/today. This style of necklace came to me right before going to bed a couple of nights ago-- it's funny where inspiration comes from...

Most of these are relatively affordable-- less than $25. The only one over $25 is the pegasus crystal necklace.

^ that's another TWILIGHT inspired necklace! Super pretty. I've named it the "Passionate Moonlight Necklace"

And I just wanted to show you guys something I swear by..
A year or so ago, my dad was buying makeup/skincare by the buckets as gifts for some relatives back in China-- and he bought some really nice stuff-- lots of Shiseido. He ended up buying way to many, and I ended up with whatever he had left. One of the items he gave me was this:

It's the Shiseido AQUALABEL Moisturizing Lift Moisture Wrap Cream, which retails for $29.99 USD. All my life, I've had really dry skin-- and moving further and further inland just make my skin even drier. I've tried most of Clinique's /Eucerin's moisturizers, but I always had to apply it more than once a day.Either that, or they were too heavy. I tried this out last year, and decided that this was the BEST moisturizer I've EVER tried. I only apply it once a day, and my face is NEVER dried out, and it's VERY light. It comes in a deceivingly small tub, but a little goes quite a long way. I also have 1 more of this available for sale, in case anyone else is interested in trying this out! Drop me an email. For those with dry skin, this is my #1 recommendation!

What are YOUR favorite moisturizers?

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Anonymous said...

You make the most beautiful jewelry!

Miss K. You said...

Hiya, I thought Clinique would be on the list too.. =\ hopefully it will be someday soon. How do you like it at Davis btw? I have some friends in their 4th year there too :)

Miss K. You said...

That's good to hear, it's pretty boring in Santa Cruz too but to others it may be crazy with fun haha. Also, I need to correct myself.. I just saw Clinique in the list under "Clinique Laboratories." There are so many companies that I have to look really closely!

Pau said...

I looove everything on your site!
the jewerly is gorgeous!
I would like to try some of the beauty products too!

such a shame u don't ship to mexico! :(