Sunday, September 13, 2009

HQCD's 100th Follower Giveaway!!! And Jamba Juice Coupon

In celebration of having reached 100 followers so quickly, I'm having a very quick 2-day giveaway! Thank you all for your support!
Also... follow me on Twitter!

Rules of Entry:
* Please satisfy ALL the requirements to be entered! Entries that don't follow guidelines won't be entered, sorry!

1. Be a follower of this blog.
2. Comment on this post with your favorite piece on my WEBSITE. Leave me your EMAIL in case you win.
3. Spread the word on your blog, youtube, facebook, twitter whatever! ANYWHERE! Link me to your post! =)

The Prize: 14mm SWAROVSKI Heart and Antique Silver Crown Pendant Necklace
Pendants are on sterling silver bails, on 16-inch sterling silver box chain.
$30 Value.

Modeled photo HERE.

I'll be randomly drawing out the winner on Sept. 15, 2009.
Have fun, and good luck!

Got Questions? Email me!


Something cool for all of you!
Buy 1 regular Jamba Juice smoothie, and a 16oz for only $1!
Get the coupon: HERE.


Pauline said...

Favorite Piece:

I'm trying to resist from buying anymore jewelery from you until Christmas, but you're making it very hard :(

jellyicemilkbar said...

My absolute favorite piece is the HQCD Signature TSN: Purple Love Necklace (:

Link to Blog Post:

PS Of course I'm a follower (:

Eva said...

1. Favorite piece would be

2. Email:


Lisa Kate said...
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Lilly G said...

1. Yes I have been following
2. My new favorite piece from your website is: sapphire polymer clay flower earrings
email: (if its not too much trouble please see my blog towards the bottom)
3. here is my entry:

Lily said...

Hi! I must say I really admire your work, it's amazing! My favorite design would be the Moon/Star HQCD Signature TSN (the triple swarovski necklace)it's gorgeous! I love how the blue moon is accompanied by the baby blue stars.


I posted about your giveaway on my blog, here's a link;

thank you! :)

JENNIFER said...

Favorite piece:

Email: jennpoon(at)yahoo(dot)(com)

Spreading the word by:


MzAddy said...

My favorite piece...HQCD Signature TSN: Purple Love


posted your giveaway here:

also did my 1st youtube video dedicated to your giveaway!!!yay! hehe

Lisa Kate said...

Thanks for C-box-ing me!

It's really hard to pick a favorite piece! I'm in love with your pieces...if only I had a bit more money! I will have to pick the Dark Angel Necklace- the combination of the smoky colors with the pop of the bright crystal star...I love it!



I tumblered and tweeted it ;o)

Jamie said...

Favorite piece(s): (love the design; its just that my wardrobe would never match the colors XD) (it's just so gorgeous ;o;)



AZ said...

1. followed
2. favorite piece: HQCD's Signature TSN: Moon and Stars
3. linked you on my blog:

swarley said...

2. the dark angel wings (absolutly stunning)

Shellie said...

Hi Lisa!

1. my confession: I stalk your blog/website when I have time
2. My favorite piece is still the Key to Your Heart necklace.
3. email:
4. my blog:

rhaindropz said...

hi hun..

wow.. your followers was fast growing.. (can i join?)

1. old follower of your blogger new follower on twitter =)
2. email add:
3. i am spreading the word here:

my faves:
earring: Swarovski Moonlight Heart Dangle Earrings (this is simple but elegant)
bracelet: Pink Heart and Pearls Bracelet (i loved the color combination)
ring: Black and Pink beaded Swarovski Crystal Ring (w-o-w --> how did you so this? i'll be like a princess when i wore this super loved it!!! )
necklace: Simple Flat Briolette Necklace (it's simplicity and elegance really caught my attention)
charms: Swarovski Hearts Phone/Purse Charm (girly!!! and cute!!! --can't keep my eyes on it)

avid follower,

mymalade said...

1. :) followed!
2.I absolutly adore this neckalce! <3 twlightt.
3. I blogged about you =]
my email:

Yumi said...

1. following under the name of dimpleyy

2. My fav is the moon and stars one. I absolutely love the colors and it looks so elegant!

3. Tweeted!

Dina (XYYan) said...

my fave is: Key to your heart necklace!


email: d_esty88(at)yahoo(dot)com

rhaindropz said...

dear.. i give you an award :Kreativ Blogger!!! (claim it!!! hugs)

love lots,

Samantha said...

Favorite Piece: Violet AB Heart Dangles

:) Great giveaway, CONGRATS!

Unknown said...

Favorite piece: Heart and Moon necklace. It's so pretty.

Posted your giveaway on my twitter.

Julie said...

I love the Pink Theme Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Charm. It's just so beautiful. I really hope I win because you just make the greatest things xD

my mail email is

vee said...

you have so many brilliant creations :] but.. i'll pick your heart and moon necklace as my favourite :}


i always see your creations on soompi, they're awesome!

Cookie said...

Favorite piece:


Oh, and I posted a comment about this on Soompi:

Shooting Stars Mag said...

i follow and i love the butterfly garden necklace:

i tweeted-

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Roonie said...

My favorite piece is the "Beaded Swarovski Crystal Ball Necklace". It's unique and different; that's why I <3 it.



Jbreezybaby said...

I'm a follower :)

My favorite is the Swarovski indicolite starfish & Heart AB necklace. its just a very nice combination and the color is just freakin gorgeous :)

I spread this giveaway on my blog!

email is jbreezybaby24[at]gmail[dot]com

thank you for doing this giveaway!

Marie. said...

OMGG, that's so pretty!!


Hm, my fav piece:



ladyofpurplezc said...

1) followed under the name Susan

2) favorite piece:

3) tweeted:

Munchkin said...

Dark Angel Necklace or Passionate Moonlight Necklace ^^

i posted here


Miss K. You said...

Hey Lisa, this piece is gorgeous! You know I'm a follower.. and I just added you to twitter :) I am loving the HQCD Signature in Purple Love.

My email is and here is my tweet about your giveaway:

I will shoot you an email next month for a necklace.. when I get to spoil myself for my birthday ;) Btw dear.. you might want to edit your "WEBSITE" link above cuz it has too many http/www's

sutoroberi said...

1. Either of these are fine by me =)

I really can't decide, they're both so beautiful :P

2. My email is


ileney said...

1. Since I love your CD jewelry so much, I joined blogging (which I told myself to never do.. since I have no idea how to blog..?)
2. One of my top faves: HQCD's Signature TSN: Moon and Stars


Jen said...

OMG lisa, you DID NOT TELL ME that you made a blog! I saw this linked here and there and though "man, this chick's name sounds a lot like hehe productions..." and I totally thought someone was ripping you off. XD

Therefore, 1. of course I followed.
2. I love love the dove earrings but I am SOOOO lusting over the pegasus neckalces! -drool-
3. posted about you on twitter and facebook!

I'll be posting your earrings very very soon too! Like this week. :D

e said...

My favorite design is definitely this one:

Maybe it's just the way it shines, but I just think it's beautiful.

It's on my facebook!


hana said...

My fav has got to be the Twilight Fan Inspired "New Moon" Necklace <3

Not because I like Twilight lol but the colors were so vivid it totally stood out from the rest. Love the bold colors!

Tweeted about your giveaway here:

My email is hannahime [at] gmail [dot] com

Hope I'm entered <3

CH''i Hang said...

1. I am now following your blog♥

2. There are so much cute pieces in your shop! I had a hard time choosing my favourite piece but in the end I have chosen "Key To Your Heart Necklace".

3. I spread it through facebook!

LOVE YOUR ACCESSORIES! I wish I can purchase them when I have my own credit card :P

My email address:

a.z.♥ said...

hey lisa! I'm finally entering haha. (I'm so slow)

My favorite piece


SMORES said...

ahha hope i made it D:
they're cute, something bout crowns i rly like x)