Thursday, September 16, 2010 is LIVE!!!! + Coupon + 1 new earring


I seriously did nothing but sit at my computer for hours, hours, hours since Tuesday night transferring each product from E-Crater to my new, official website:

I've put my ecrater site on hold. NO MORE ORDERS will be accepted through!

Help spread the word about the new page! If you're linking from your page, use this photo please

The image's link is:

If you register for an account, I can keep track of how much you spend-- and later on, these will go towards a bonus rewards program I'm trying to implement soon.

First 3 people to place orders on there get 10% off their entire order w/ code: FIRST3
Use don't forget to apply that during checkout! GO NOW! haha =)

If you miss this code, go ahead and use this code, which doesn't expire till Oct. 1, 2010!

Some of the things that I had on E-Crater won't be offered anymore-- sorry! Whatever I have up on the website may change in the next couple of days-- I'm still trying to add all my stuff on there! But for the most part, whatever I plan to put on there is already there... with the exception of the handmade beauty products :X

Also, if you've purchased in the past, I'd be honored if you would be a product review! Just click on whatever you ordered (if it's still available), and write your honest thoughts & opinion.

If you catch and bugs or hiccups, let me know!

Other updates:
Wee Lil Stars comes in PINK, SAPPHIRE & RED now!
Check them out HERE.

And a new pair of earrings:

Okay, I'm back to work on the website some more. Need to add more clay masks and all that good stuff.

Talk to you all later!

- Lisa



Shiseiten said...

Congrats on the new store! :D can't wait to buy from you again.

stochastic888 said...


Congratulations on your new store/website. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you much luck and success on your business. I think you are truly inspiring and amazing. I too am a college student, and I have a lot to balance in my life. Seeing that you run a business, make beautiful jewelries, and go to school. I have to give you mad props! LOL.

Your fan,

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Congrats on the new store! I like your new earrings!!! =D Do I spot a heart chain somewhere in there?

CATHLEEN said...

failed my driving test today :( and to make me happier i shopped at your new store. plus the 10% discount made me happier :)
once i get the items there will be heaps of reviews :)

Kittin said...

Congratz on the new store =]
so tempting to buy stuff but u don't have the items i want on the site yet =P
i was looking through and noticed that u had your 2010 bat earrings in both the earring tab and the clearance tab.. possible mistake?

Anna said...

The new website looks great!