Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Lotsa new items! Free mask w/purchase

WICKED was amazing! It was my first musical, and the performers were so, SO TALENTED!! This really makes me want to go see more musicals in the future :D

I took a break Labor Day weekend, did a lot of Naruto watching and relaxing-- so time to catch up on order! This post will be a short one :X

Sailor Jupiter Rose Studs in Purple
(This one's for STEPH)

I also saw these cranes on STEPH's website (HERE), and loved them, and decided to make my own earrings with them: Up in the Air:

I found the CUTEST solid sterling apple charm!! Made it into a necklace-- this one is a little pricier than normal "pendant" necklaces since the chain is top grade, imported from Italy!
I don't have a lot of these Italian chains-- they're significantly more expensive than purchasing chain by the foot, and creating necklaces myself (which I do right now). But the quality is just top notch. I may order more of these higher quality necklace chains in the future for "keepsake" necklaces!

Indie Princess earrings:

Cute star dangles:

Another wee lil star:

And... the statement piece of the lot. For a statement piece, this is versatile and absolutely a classic. Wear it for a wedding, prom or even party. You could probably even pull it off with some office wear!
See more details on the bracelet HERE.

Okay, that's it! I'm off to work on more orders.

BTW, I wanted to offer everyone who makes a purchase of ANY size a FREE He Qi Clay Facial (Regen Luxe) w/purchase of any size. Use code: FREEFACIAL in the comments section during checkout. Expires Sept. 20, 2010.

- Lisa



Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with all of your rose studs!

And your Indie Princess earrings = GORGEOUS!

InsideOut Elle said...

Really~ liking the Indie Princess earrings and the pearl bracelet!

Kittin said...

the apple charm looks adorable! =] you also make it with a green or yellow bead as well. =P green apples!

London's-beauty said...

apple charm <3 glad you found it^^

The Indecisive One said...

Love the apple necklace as well...kinda has a Twilight theme... ^^

Erin said...

love the indie princess earrings!

MeiBelle said...

those indie princess earrings are amazing Lisa!

contests and such said...

Love the rose earrings and the star dangles--> so cute!

CATHLEEN said...

New Follower!

your products are so gorgeous. i can't wait to receive my first product from you in the mail :D
i love you've made the sailor moon association jewelry.

~Lisa said...

Glad that you liked Wicked!

&Great pieces!!

The apple is so cute!