Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crystal Ball Necklace, New Earrings & Bow Ring Giveaway! + Sneak Peak

Hi all!

I know most of you have seen the Crystal Ball Earrings.... so here's a necklace that matches!

He Qi's Crystal Ball Necklace:

I'm very happy with the way this turned out. You can customize the color to your liking! See it HERE.

Also, two new pairs of earrings!

I've personally have these posts sitting here for months and months before I figured out how I want to use then, but I quite like this design:

A beauty. Very Faerie-Elf like. Enchanting, would be the word?

And just some cutesy earrings:

Okay okay, so on to the exciting thing..
I wanted to give away the FIRST My Lil' Dainty Bow ring that I made.

Some SPECS you should keep in mind about THIS ring:
- Made with antique gold bow, gold PLATED wire, and is a SIZE 6.
Couple of quick, simple rules about the giveaway:
- Open to readers world wide, must be 18+ or have parents' permission to enter
- Must be a follower of this blog (no need to have a blog to be a follower)
How to Enter:
Simply leave a comment here, with your name, location & link to your favorite item from the SHOP.
The winner will be announced on Oct. 2, 2010 on THIS BLOG. Be quick!

And if you can't join this giveaway because the ring is not the right size or whatnot, don't forget to join the general giveaway that's open till Oct. 10. Link to giveaway is on the SIDE BAR.

Also, today is the LAST DAY to use your 5% coupon code: OPEN5OFF at my SHOP.

And here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on for the Holidays... and if this experiment goes well, I'll add these permanently to the GIFT WRAP category of the shop...

These are QUILLED (paper filigree/art) cards/tags! More on these later ;)
They'll basically be message cards, where you can add your own special message for that someone =)... completely customizable. I might even do some custom quilling if the design is not too complicated =)

Okay, that's it for now! My FB fan page is t 98 fans! Once I get 100, I'll be holding a giveaway JUST for my FB fans =)
OH SNAP.  I just looked and there's 101 fans!! I'm plotting my giveaway on FB now... muahaha.

- Lisa



Helen said...


You're so talented with your hands. Quilled cards?! interesting.. I never would've thought to make them.

Helen Hwang
Chicago, IL
This is my favorite item for now. Although the vine bracelet is a close second.

CutieCocoChanel said...

Chanel Tang,
Newcastle, England, UK
My favourite piece is :

Shiseiten said...

Wow I absolutely love those new faerie garden earrings! They are stunning! <3 congrats on your 100+ facebook fans!!

Sherry said...

I am follower :D sherry

I like

I am also fan at FB

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

The Little Dust Princess said...

Jessy from Toronto, ON (Canada)
My favourite items would be the ear cuffs! Especially this one

- - -

Wow, those cards/tags are so cute!
The bow ring is so pretty. : )

xx The Little Dust Princess

Elana said...

Elana A. =) NY

Sailor Moon <3

Anonymous said...


I am Nanki from Canada =D and um, I spazz over your talents. Seriously.

And I really, really ( in all honesty) can't find a favourite piece coz I love SO many of them. So, among my top 20s list I picked the Czech Pearl Drop Clusters from random (

And conratulations for 100+ fans!

Vicky said...

Vicky. Boston :)

prettiest earrings ever!

lee_lena said...

Wow.. it seems like you can do anything.. jewelry, face products, makeup, and now paper decorations ( you probably can do a lot more, I'm only saying from what I can see ). I'm incredibly jealous on how you manage your time since I'm such a procrastinator. ^__^;
-Lena, New Jersey, and these: =]

MissPukku said...
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xoladiihoneyxo said...

It's very enchanted indeed =]
Name: Linda (
Current location: GA
Current most favorite item:

Zxenarea said...

Vancouver, BC.

I'm totally digging

All your work is super cute so it was hard to pick just one.

:) :) :) :)

Kittin said...

those cards look interesting... kinda excited for your post about them. really curious about what their made of and how.

i really like your angel series earrings =]

Clover said...

I'm also very interested in these cards. Can't wait how do you make them.^^

Tanja, Strasbourg (France)

favourite Item:

London's-beauty said...
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London's-beauty said...

bow ring <3 i really like your leaf earrings. dainty^^

name: huong
location: london
this is cutee>

missy joey said...

name: Joanna
location: NYC

I ordered once from you before and totally LOVED (times infinity) the necklace you've made for me.

However, a terrible unfortunate accident happened. Last Saturday night, I guess I didn't clasp the ends correctly and I lost the necklace. I was terribly upset because of all the pieces of jewelry I own, I've come to love that one most. Very sure because it was a stunning piece and most definitely because it was hand-made. :(

I'm contemplating on whether or not to order it again. Maybe this time with a longer chain :)

email: joanna{dot}kuang{at}gmail{dot}com

baby-kk said...

My name is Karen =D im located in LONDON :]
My favourite item must be:
It reminds me of card capters :)

Saving Capulet said...

congratulations!! and ohh, it's always so so hard to choose just one of your many creations! but I'm spazzing over I'm a rockstar earrings <3

Rena said...


<33 Rena

Eva said...

New York

evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

Pauline said...

Pauline L; NY

Congrats on 101 facebook fans! Btw, those gift tags look amazing.

CATHLEEN said...

Cathleen Australia!
my favourite item is the the star heart cuff earring
got heaps of compliments from them :D

just on the side note i chipped one of the hear on the bracelet you gave me :( when I fell down during ice skating

stochastic888 said...

Hi Lisa!

Tina from MA here! :P

Ľubaša said...

Hi! I am Lubica from Slovakia (EU).
I love this necklace:
thanks for a chance!
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com