Monday, September 27, 2010

My Skincare Regime + Periwrinkle Cluster Bracelet

I've received a couple of emails asking for my skin care regime recently. I had modeled a couple of my earrings, and these gals noticed my skin. I'm VERY very flattered. I'm no beauty blogger, but I will share what I do know about skincare from what I've learned in my classes, online, and just through trial & error.

My skin type:
Dry, sometimes flaky, low oil production

First and foremost-- everyone's bodies are different. So while some products work for some, it may not work for all! Always keep this in mind when checking out products. However, the things we put into out bodies (the things we eat), will pretty much have the same results throughout. Generally, I tell people who want great skin to first and foremost: keep hydrated! Water is the best, but when you are in the mood for something with some taste, go for crystal light (in moderation, too much fake sugar isn't good for you in the long run), or some 100% fruit juice. Watch out though-- a lot of juices have wayyyyy too much sugar. I like to take about 1 part 100% fruit juice, and water+ice it down with 2 part water-- it's much easier to drink, for me personally, because I don't really like things that're very sweet. Your body needs and loves water, and how we feel on the inside is reflected on the outside. Also, your veges are a must :P.

Okay, some of you fellow Asians out there MAY know what I'm talking about when I go on to this next thing....
My parents always told me that there are 2 main types of foods: HOT and COLD. This isn't very scientific but uh.... it generally works for me. If I want great skin, stick to a diet consisting more of COLD foods. HOT foods include things like: mangos, plums, peppers, some meats (think pepperoni, salami, etc).. COLD foods include: cucumber, watermelon, chicken, most veges. When I eat a lot of HOT foods, my skin becomes red and a little blotchy. I also suspect that I personally may have a minor seafood allergy-- I get these itchy (LARGE) red bumps when I eat too much shrimp/crab... almost like a pimple, but not... and also whiteheads :(. I'm also genetically blessed because I've never had an actual pimple in my life (THANK YOU MOM & DAD!)

For those of us who don't have the time to eat healthy, I suggest you taking a vege supplement. I take this Japanese young grass barley drink... it's similar to that AOJIRU stuff but not as expensive, and I can get it at ranch 99. It's pretty much like... extra veges, I guess that's the easiest way to put it. Also helps with digestion.

Sleeping is also pretty important for having good skin. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep-- your body and skin will thank you. Lowers stress hormone, hunger cravings (less production of hunger hormones & feel full hormones) so you will also fight fat ;)

On to the actual stuff I put on my face...

From left to right:
- Green Japanese Drink (I don't put this on my face, hahahah)
- Missha pomegrate face wash-- I uhh got this in a promo pack, so I've been using it. I'm indifferent about this item. It's nothing special, cleanses your face.
- Mary Kay microdermabrasion -- I use this every other day, AFTER cleansing. OMG, BEST exfoliator EVER. The beads are TINYYYYYYY and they are pretty strong-- really helps rub away the top layer of my dry skin LOVE LOVE LOVE
- Clinique toner for combo skin-- I'm not quite sure if I really need this, but I'd been using it for a while, and I love how it makes my skin literally, squeaky clean
- b-liv off with this heads-- I had tonssssss of black heads on my nose, and this helps not only shrink them, but keeps new ones from forming
- Mary Kay timewise moisturizer-- this is only okay, as well. I really liked it when I first used it, but not as much as SHISEIDO aqualable moisture cream :( But since I've got it, might as well use it.

Other products I use on a weekly basis:
2 times a week, I use a He Qi Clay Facial. REALLY helps make my skin smooth and very moisturized. I personally use the REGEN.
2 times a week, I use He Qi Sugarscrub (I like the lemon scent)-- helps my chronic dry skin retain moisture, smell good, and feel so, so soft

If you guys have any SPECIFIC questions about my skin care routine or whatever, leave em in the comments, and I"ll get back to you on my next post!

And on the note of jewelry, I made 1 new item today:
Say hello to Periwrinkle Cluster!
Made with tons of SWAROVSKI hearts in provence lavender and SWAROVSKI aquamarine flowers / disco ball. ONE OF A KIND.

Classes have officially started! I have a feeling this quarter will be pretty fun-- I'm taking Cell/Tissue Engineering, Protein Engineering, and my upperdivision GE is Children's Lit, where I get to read all kinds of fairy tales, etc. INCLUDING one of the Harry Potter books-- yayaya! I'm excited.

I'm off to work out (I do Chalene Xtreme... or something like that, today is High Intensity Interval Training). I also invested in some BOWFLEX weights over the weekend--- got em for a GREAT deal since they had a coupon code, and they won't be here for 6 weeks, lol. But that's a different post.

If you're just getting back in school, how are you classes? If you're working, how's work treating you lately?

Talk to you soon!

- Lisa


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The Little Dust Princess said...

Wow, those are a lot of products! I don't really do much because I don't wear makeup on a daily basis and I have normal skin.

On the days I DO wear makeup, I cleanse with Neutrogena's Deep Facial Cleanser. And I exfoliate on a weekly basis. : )

I moisturize everyday of course!

Your new bracelet is so pretty! I love the blue flowers.

xx The Little Dust Princess

InsideOut Elle said...

:D the bracelet is so pretty, I love the disco ball :)

arsyparsy said...

Thanks for sharing!
And that bracelet is gorgeous!

Angela said...

We have the same skin type :3
I hehe'd about the hot/cold foods.. fortunately I happen to like a lot of "cold" foods like butternut squash, watermelon and cucumber (I had no idea plums were a "hot" food) but hot/cold doesn't seem to have a major impact on my skin the way it does on yours.

PS I love your jewelry :)

Angela @

coffretgorge said...

lol i actually thought about that green japanese drink, im glad u cleared that up! :P

wow the new bracelet looks refreshing, the color combination is really attractive! :)

~Lisa said...

Green Tea!!!

& oh yes, I get those bumps too when I eat shrimp! I hate it but I don't really know what they are =/

CATHLEEN said...

wow! your bracelet is beautiful.

I'm actually on holidays for uni so far. I don't start until next Tuesday. To be honest I actually don't want to go back. I like holidays.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

haha, the drink... is it one of those asian green jelly thing that you mix in with water, ice and a little sugar?

Calia Yang said...

I've been wondering if b-liv actually worked! Imma have to get me some now!!

thanks for sharing your skincare routine! ^_^

the bracelet is gorgeous!

MeiBelle said...

Your face is flawless and i'm jealous you've never had a pimple in your life!!

Tammy said...

The periwinkle cluster bracelet is adorable!!

Stacey said...

Wow, you're so lucky! I've had acne for the past 10 years now... those who say you grow out of it are lying! :P

The bracelet is very cute and I love the name too.

stochastic888 said...

Lovely bracelet. I love blue.