Sunday, November 07, 2010

2 Pearl Bracelet additions... plans for the holidays =)

Hi everyone! The coming 2 months is going to be the busiest time of the year for me. With finals & holiday orders, I ask that you please place your gifting order as early as you possibly can.

Visit the promos page for that early bird special, which ends in about a week!
I have another goodie bag offer going on =) There's also a 5% off $100 coupon code on there-- remember, this includes the clearance items (which there are a lot of...)

Meanwhile, due to many requests, I've made more pearl bracelets.

I've also put this clover one back on sale:

and... a key to your heart bracelet.
I've actually been wearing this these last few days, and gotta say I'm really liking it =) Classic, clean.

These earrings were originally customized for someone, but she decided to go with another color, so I'll be putting this piece on sale on the website =)
(Elle, I'll be getting back to your email later tonight!)

Remember, when you shop at He Qi, enjoy:

I'm trying to put together 2 giveaways that'll end on Christmas & one that ends on New Year. Both of them are probably going to feature OOAK necklace giveaways! One for blog, one for Youtube-- what do you think? =) If you have any specific ideas regarding the giveaway, let me know!

- Lisa



InsideOut Elle said...

ahh I feel so bad I changed the color on you like that >< thanks for being so nice about it! ugh, these earrings are so gorgeous though so I hope they find a lovely home ;_;

I can't believe it's already november O_O!? Love the color of the pearls on the key bracelet~

London's-beauty said...

the blue earrinngs look so shiny! lusting after it <3