Saturday, November 20, 2010

Charm, Earrings, Updates =)

I've been saving this charm for a good couple of months, deciding if I wanted to make it a necklace or charm... charm won!

It's a pretty intricately beaded piece, for those of you who like beadwork =)
Fancy Beaded Heart Charm

I'm trying hard to learn how to bead a strawberry right now. It's been frustrating -_-

Also made another pair of Cherry Quartz Earrings!
These are OOAK =)

In other news, I've disabled my formspring.
I know that being online, and being anonymous allows people to say/ask things they'd otherwise not in real life. Besides, I was getting an insane amount of SPAM. So in the future, please direct all questions and concerns to my email ( -- after all, that's what email is for, right? This way, I can properly address you by name =) Formspring is also way too impersonal for my taste.

The last person who asked a question on formspring was unhappy that I removed some items and kept others up. The ones I removed happened to be the ones she/he wanted to review. To resolve this issue, please see this new page I created: additional customer feedback
So long as you give me your working email, I will post your review up, as a way of verifying your review (and other people can verify that I'm not just making up reviews).

I'm always trying to make He Qi better, and I'm happy to hear your suggestions. It's just nice if they come from actual people, instead of "anonymous" (not that anonymous aren't actual people, but you know what I mean) I'd love to actually exchange a conversation through email. I'm always taking action to make the things you suggest into reality.

I'll be working very hard the next 3 weeks-- I have final projects and finals.
I probably won't be around as much as I'd like :(

If you have time, please come join my Holiday Giveaway!
There's over $100 worth of goodies I'm giving away!

Have a wonderful weekend!



Stacey said...

Love the golden snitch earrings! Super adorable. How about a golden snitch necklace too?? Ooh, it'd be cool if you made it a locket necklace! Since the snitch opens!

Ahh can't wait to watch harry potter!

InsideOut Elle said...

^^ omg an opening snitch would be such a good idea :D!

also I saw the sneak peek of the heart on your twitter~ ahh it's so pretty I'd be afraid to damage it ><!

KI said...

aw lisa, for some reason, your last three or so updates never showed up in my blogger reader !

your creations are lovely as always, keep on posting ^^

Amanda said...

If you can do the intricate heart with the seed beads, I'm sure you can do the strawberry! I started with a ball at first and worked up from there!

London's-beauty said...

The strawberry charm looks niceee! Yes it does look like it takes a while to make. Very fiddly.

Saving Capulet said...

omg, the sudden earrings update made my heart all pumpy! these are suuper lovely!