Monday, November 08, 2010

I forgot to post Halloween pix, lol.

So... after all that hype about the HP theme part, I TOTALLY FORGOT to post some photos, so here are some just for kicks, haha.

So we made a bunch of food.

... wish we had more, though, lol. Barely enough for everyone who showed.

Golden Snitch sugar cookies =)

My roomie was a fat cupcake, lols. The other was a faerie. The one w/ pigtails = Fluffy, the 3 headed dog.... but you can't see her dogs here.

We had an HP character..

Jedi & Han Solo:

More peeps:

The bf & I

Okay, so I went over the top, and uhh... had a too intense of a costume. BUT IT WILL BE USED AGAIN -- for comic con perhaps? ;)

One regret: wish I had taken more photos.
And also, why did I have to have a midterm the day after Halloween? I spent half the weekend worrying over that, dampening my Halloween spirit and lessening the time I spent on making all the food/deco awesome.

Oh well, there's always next year.

Goodnight, everyone!



Natsuki said...

Oh my. Are you suppose to be Fang from Final Fantasy? O:

Calia Yang said...

awwww you look so cute and you definitely look like you had FUN!!! yummy food!

The Little Dust Princess said...

The food all look so adorable!!

xx The Little Dust Princess

MeiBelle said...

I know I said this but OMG I LOVE THE FANG COSTUME!!! You look great! and the golden snitch cookies are really creative and really yummy looking!