Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday Youtube Vid + NEW STUFF!

As of 9PM pacific time, Nov. 28, 2010, MY ECOMMERCE HOSTING SITE IS DOWN.
I will extend the discount for another day because of this problem. They said they don't know when it'll be back up. Sorry for the inconvenience :( 
Site's back :)

I haven't made a video in the longest time... so here's one =)

I noticed that my bracelet collection has really been dwindling.. so I went bracelet crazy!

2 more dainty clusters: these are TOP NOTCH craftsmanship. Every single crystal is wire wrapped-- ensure long lasting quality.

I had a lot of heart chains left in about 7-inches length (from my bulk roll of chain), so I thought bracelets would be perfect =)

All bracelets are one of a kind, once they're sold, they're gone!

Couple earrings with mini wings:

Lastly, a one of  a kind necklace:

The Blue Morpho, to match the blue morpho earrings & cuff set (which are out of stock, sorry!)

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend-- enjoy Cyber Monday!
I haven't done much shopping this weekend, the only thing I bought was $100 worth of bras, undies, sweats and vest from AE (GREAT DEAL BTW, 25% off and free shipping!)-- but these were actually necessary new buys. Otherwise, no money spent on anything else. I need to spend another $400 to maintain my car, and another $200 to get a smog check and re-register that info online. GEEZ. So much maintenance!

NOTE: I won't be blogging until at LEAST wed. I have TONSSSSS of stuff to do for classes. 2 presentation/projects and a paper. I'll still be answering emails and processing orders though!



London's-beauty said...

aww your last alice bracelet, I'm sure loads of people are going to buy it! It's so pretty. Good luck with all the sales :}

Amanda said...

Cute video! I love the clearance bracelets...I have the pattern and should try to make myself one! Love the butterfly necklace, too.

siwing said...

Hello !!

You have really pretty bracelets.. Will have to check out your main site for selling.. You have some great deals going on! Will def check it out.. ! =D

regarding your comment, the peel is very easy to peel off once it is completely dry.. the black mask peel sounds horrible.. =S i have tried some nose strips which are so hard to remove.. and i do tear up too.. but this grape mask is very easy to peel =)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

yes ithink my ears would twitch with 14k gold hehe:) beautiful designs x