Friday, December 03, 2010

GIANT update! CHARMS! =) Origami Butterflies, love package =)

Firstly, thank you RINA for your amazing love pack (as usual, her love packs are always amazing).

LOADED with Sanrio goodies! (There was a lip gloss I forgot to include in the photograph, oops) I LOVE THE NERD POUCH. I'm thinking of either using it as a pencil case, or more likely, making a wrist strap for it and converting it to a clutch!
There are also TONS of MBD diary masks, omg! Plus... DOLLY WINK EYELINER!! AHHH! I've been meaning to try these out, and I'm so  happy that I have the opportunity to. THANK YOU, RINA!
Go check out her blog HERE. She'a a fellow talented crafter (She crochets, as well as makes these FRICKEN adorable sock piggies!)

Ah... My week of hell is over! 2 presentations, 1 big project, 1 paper. ALL DONE WITH MUAHAHAHAH.
I'm so relieved and happy right now! I finally have a couple of days to sit down and work on everyone's holiday orders. Finals will be next week, but it won't be as bad as this week, I don't think... I'll officially be done with this quarter next friday night!

For those of you who have placed orders recently Thank you so much for you patience! I know everyone is anxiously awaiting their orders, and I'm working very hard to get them sent out ASAP!

Over the last week, I haven't really been able to dedicate any set amount of time toward doing jewelry-- but whenever I need a break from something, I'd sit down, do a little, and over this period... it was really accumulated.

After my last class yesterday afternoon, I was able to sit down and take photos, edit, upload them onto the website. It was an 8-hour process, haha--- didn't finish till this morning :X

I've been getting a surprising number of emails from ladies who have known me since Soompi days recently! They have requested that I start making phone charms more (I used to make tonssssssss of those!)-- but I've been so busy that I haven't had the chance to order any phone straps! I finally made the effort to make an order of 100 last week, so now, I have plenty of charms to share with you all!!

Based off the popular gemstone coin earrings:

.. a random crystal I was unable to find any other use for... this is a huge, HUGE SWAROVSKI moon in moonlight charm. It's the size of a regular pegasus: 3 cm in length!

This is a genuine gemstone charm:

A bit more high end, but it's stunning.

A small wild heart cluster charm:

Another gemstone charm:

Plain star:

Cute, feminine charm:


And the following two charms are kind of different from what you're used to seeing-- I basically took the designs for one of my feather earrings, and turned it into a charm. I REALLY like the result:

Really gives your phone some extra flair =)

Bringin' the Moon Princess dangles back, but in GOLD this time =)

Earrings inspired by peacock feathers:

Christmas tree earrings!

These were the studs that I gave away on Cyber Monday:

I have extras left over (bought about 40 pairs, gave away only 10 pairs so far), so I decided to sell them: 3 pairs for $15 shipped!

And here's a necklace:

And finally, I had some time to work on these over the last week. It took longer than usual to  make because I had been so busy. The 3-day process turned into a 5 day process, oh well!
Origami butterfly earrings:

I leave you with..

A ghastly photo of me doing a He Qi Clay facial-- my skin always feels super smooth afterwards!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy looking at the items I've posted.
I do have some things lined up I want to talk about:
- Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner review
- I'm approaching 600 followers: once I hit it, that means I'm having another giveaway!
Meanwhile, enter the Holiday giveaway, link on sidebar!
There's also another coupon code on the promos page =)



London's-beauty said...

LOL I likee the sulty one! XD
haha I think I have a mask like that one. It's a mud mask and it hardens after a while and you got to wash it off. :P

Vanity-Fashionista said...

Pretty new items~~!
The christmas tree earrings are beautiful!
I want everything you make lol xxx

Clover said...

so cute items!!!!
I love them!
The feather charms are so adorable!

Tammy said...

The phone charms are so cute!!! The feather ones are my favorite I think, because I've never seen them anywhere before hehe
You have such pretty eyes, Lisa!

~Lisa said...

Yay!! You made key charms!! I love them all and I want to hoard them all..LOL

KI said...

Lisa, loveeee the peacock feather earrings!

mutokki said...

I really like the new heart cluster charm~

dreamer said...

really nice designs!

Erin said...

all your stuff is absolutely gorgeous!!

P.S. I LOVE sanrio goodies!!!

CATHLEEN said...

Your christmas tree earrings are so cute. Btw I finally figured out how to put your picture on my sidebar :D