Saturday, November 07, 2009

Winner of New Moon Giveaway, more FANCY HEARTS (mini naming contest), and Free Gifts w/Purchase

Congrats to ANNA for being the winner of my New Moon Giveaway!
I put the entries into RANDOM.ORG, and she was the winner. I've sent you an email, please get back to me!

There's another giveaway going on right now, please see the details on the side bar.
I'm thinking of doing monthly giveaways for people who always come by to leave me comments, etc. What do you think?


I have a couple more fancy hearts left. These were obscenely difficult to track down. The response has been very positive so far towards these hearts, and I'll continue to try and get more of these if I can.

I'm really liking the new necklaces I've made... with the alternating of the Crystals and Chain for the necklace. Simple, but not too plain. Craftsmanship is good, as everything is wrapped by hand, using sterling silver wire. One of my roomies suggested I make a necklace JUST with the chain and beads. I think I'll do that!
And here's one in the popular helio:

Sorry, the HELIO is not a fancy cut. I don't think they make fancy helios :(

MINI CONTEST for my readers:
If anyone has any suggestions for NAMING the above 3 pieces, please shoot me an email: OR leave me a comment!
If your name gets chosen..... you get goodies! =) Just a little extra incentive for you guys to participate :D

Also, many of you know that I've been busy trying to get some handmade beauty samples for you all. Most of them have come in! Here's a tiny portion of the loot:

Consists of handmade soap, handmade mineral makeup, etc.
All samples were purchased, not free. And this is my way of saying THANK YOU for shopping with HQCD! I've decided to do this instead of candy, because this feels a bit more useful. Maybe I'll do a mix in the future. If you make a purchase from me from now on, you can expect at least 1-3 samples/shipment! I hope you guys like these! If you make a purchase with any of those lovely beauty crafters, let them know how you heard of them!

For weekend discounts, please see the previous post!
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



Dina (XYYan) said...

congrats to the winner!

i'll name the necklaces with 'Link to My Heart'

Calia Yang said...

love those necklaces - will have to email ya after I think of something.

~Lisa said...

Congratz to the winner!!

Those necklaces are beautiful! The fancy hearts are gorgeous!

And I would name those necklaces "Chained to Your Sparkling Heart"
"Linked to my Fancy Heart"
"Be-Dazzled by my Heart"

I hope it's okay if I suggest more than one name. The more ideas, the better (?) =]

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Anna!

Those necklaces are so beautiful! I adore the fancy cut; they're so stunning!

I'd name the necklace(s):
'Virtuous Aura' Heart Necklace(s)

Elle said...

wow you did a really good job with the necklaces, love them!

I would name them "Trickling Love" since it looks like the small crystals are small drops slowly dripping into the heart which is the centerpiece.


xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow, I really like these!!! =D

momo x3 said...

Such pretty necklaces!:) i would name them "Light of my Heart" or "My Shining Heart" because these hearts are so sparkly and shiny. =D

izumi said...

drops of jupiter.. because it just reminds me of that song by train ;)

Claire's Blog said...

Congrays Anna !

I would name your collection of necklaces 'From the Bottom of My Shiny Heart'
Something simple as your heart must be big and shining with all those giveaways !

Jamie said...

Congrats to Anna. :)

Love the necklaces!! Especially the purple one (big surprise har har).

Hmm, for a name, er, "Humble Indulgence" because of the simplicity, yet luxurious nature of the piece. But, it also sounds like a piece of chocolate. XD

DP said...

Hi! Couple of things:
1.) I received my order and i loved it ^^ the items were quite wellmade and the packaging was fantastic...also thanks for the soaps...I am using one right now and I really like it~ It smelled really strong in the package but the scents are quiet mild and delicate once its lathered up :)
2.) Also I wanted to leave feedback for you but how do you do it...?
3.) Really pretty necklaces ^^ ~!
I don't know if these are copyrighted xD
Names: "My Heart Will Go On"....Kingdom Hearts...speaking of, it would be really cool if you could do a line of necklaces inspired by songs :D!

or non heart names: purple="Quiet Elegance", pink="Sweet Simplicity", blue="More than Blue"/"Midnight Dreams"/"Heart of the Ocean/Sea"/"Serene Silence" many Titanic metaphors :P

Amy said...

I'd name them: Royal Majesty, Bedazzled Pink, Mysterious Haze.

it's too bad that they don't make fancy cut helios. I love helios. they're beautiful =)

jess ♥ said...

congratulations winner :)

uhm abit goofy but i'm thinking something like 'Have my humble Heart' or just 'My humble heart'

jeeeeze im so cheesy :')
love the necklaces by the way :)

Shar bear said...
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Shar bear said...

Congratz to Anna.

The necklaces remind me of flowers and gardens. ^^

Garden of Eden - Lavender
- Lavender from the Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden - Carnation
- Carnations from the Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden - Anemone
- Anemone from the Garden of Eden

rhaindropz said...


i would like to name them (inspired by mythology)

Oranos Gift (the Sky - in mythology)

Heart of Eros (one of the lesser god in myhtology)

Gaia's Treaure (the Earth - in mythology)

since your creations were all unique, they deserve unique names also


Yim said...

Congrats to the winner!
I would name the pieces "Chained Across My Heart"

Anonymous said...

Blue one: "Midnight Romance"
Pink one: "Blushing Romance"
Purple one: "Radiant Romance"

Cause hearts make me think of love :)