Friday, November 20, 2009

Short update: Handmade Business cards! New Necklace

Went to Michael's today to get some giant hole puncher thingies....
I might make my own business cards in the future.

Here's my first try:

Not the prettiest thing, but they have the potential to be amazingly cute!
All made with pearlescent cardstock-- my fav. It's usually what I print my "care sheets" on =)

Anyway, two new pieces of jewelry today.

Introducing the "Cluster love" necklace.
I almost named it something else... but lets not talk about that :P
I'm back to combining rhodium with Swarovski. I think it works will together. I love the tiny double hearts-- I used to put these in double-piece earrings, and it was a hit! I'll start bringing those back, too.

Other colors available upon request!

And some uber cute earrings with Cubic Zirconia heart posts:

I think the heart posts are cute enough to wear by themselves :D

I'm off-- I'm heading to the UCD craft center to learn how to make ornaments and cards and sushi platters.. haha! See ya!

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- Lisa

I've been slacking on reading blogs. That's what I'll do over Winterbreak (Dec).... catch up on everything that's been happening in this world, sorry :(. I also miss aimlessly browsing the internet-- time is really lacking right now!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

ohhh weeeeeeeee! Pretty necklace =D hehe. OMG, so I thought I would have enough to spend for Christmas shopping and all and I was going to purchase some stuff from you but sadly, =[ I had to pay tuition!!! so much moneyyyy in this damn world. I hate it. I think it cost more going here than going to a one of the top private schools -___- blahhh.

By the way, I think it'll be great if you continue to make your own business card =] It's cuter that way; not professional if your jewelry start to have a big company business-like. lol. but blog wise, I'm saying it's cute and it shows that you care about your customers =]

Calia Yang said...

Love your handmade business cards! They're more personalized! If you need any help with paper crafting items - let me know. I think you should add a pre-adhesived gemstones OR pearls. OR even buy gemstones you can get at M's (michael's) and use Glue Dots to adhere them onto your business cards. Even ribbon would be cute.

love the cluster love necklace. love the color combo. You always have gorgeous pieces!

dαnnεεl said...

I like your business card. It's cute, and it shows more of your personality. I think it's great. Better than the dull professional business card, it can get mix up easy. So let your business card stand out. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute business cards!
Adore your cluster of hearts necklace!

camilynn said...

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Serena said...

I like the pearlescent cardstock you used for your handmade business card. It looks really cute. I think making your own business card is a nice idea but make sure you don't get too overwhelmed!

Your "Cluster love" necklace is really pretty. I like the three colors you used.