Sunday, November 01, 2009

Necklaces Overload And reminder about the TWO giveaways I'm having!

I went on a necklace binge this weekend... Many of these took a couple days to finish, so I guess it's a compilation of what I've worked on this week?

Anyway.. I decided to take modeled photos of these to put on my blog instead of the regular photos. Just a change of pace =)

This necklace seriously took forever. I almost gave up on it, haha. I won't be making another one like this! My most proud piece as of late. Pendant jewelry is nice, but sometimes we need something that takes more effort and actual craftmanship skills. The giant teardrop at the bottom is a CUBIC ZIRCONIA.  It's a much longer necklace than usual. This will look so, SO amazing against a solid top... or even just.. any top that doesn't have a low cut!

My Signature Triple Swarovski Necklaces are back in stock by popular demand!
I do only have 5 of these in stock, however. If you guys are getting these for holiday gifts, please get them NOW. I won't be getting any new shipments of helios before then, sorry!

This necklace is super unique! It's a TIE necklace. There are NO CLASPS or whatever! You just wrap it around your neck, and loop the hearts together. I saw someone on Etsy make a PEARL one, and I thought HEY why not take my signature elements, and make my own? So here it is:

^ If you guys like this style, let me know!

More romance in the forest..

And just for fun, blast from the past! Because that's always fun :D
One of the FIRST pieces of custom work I've ever done... back in 2005 on Soompi =)

One of my first few wire-wrapped bracelets, 2006.

^ My style still kind of resembles this, eh? Even though I've tried to grow into more mature things... haha

I miss my bracelets from the old times.

More older, custom work:

Promos for November 1-2, 2009
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Email me with your order to qualify:
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Discounts exclude S/H charges unless otherwise noted.

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Don't forget to follow me on Twitter! I think I'm going to have RANDOM Giveaways on there! 
^ I'm not starting that till I get 100 followers!

Don't forget to join the TWO giveaways I'm having! The TWILIGHT giveaway, as well as the 200-reader appreciation giveaway! Details are on the sidebar to your left.


Calia Yang said...

OMG!! I love that tie necklace!! especially in PINK!! eheheh ^_^

dαnnεεl said...

You did a lot of awesome jobs girl!! Especially love that TIE necklace. It's gorgeous!!

itzLina said...

the Tie necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!! that's one big heart!! =P

Anonymous said...

Your first jewelry is beautiful! Love your romance in the forest necklaces!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You did an awesome job! =]

Noriki said...

pssst Lisaaa xD

I want to give you this award! please accept it!!

*whispering* You got sexi models there :P


Jamie said...

Love the tie necklace! :)

Haha, I like when your post pictures of your old stuff. It definitely shows how much your work has progressed and matured. You've come so far. <3

Shar bear said...

Really love the tie necklace style!!

Pop Champagne said...

your jewelry stuff is so nice!! I love the necklaces :)

Pauline said...

OMGOMOGMOMGOMGOMGOMG, LISA, I THINK IM IN LOVE, LOL. Do you have any other crystals in that montana sapphire color ?! i cant stop spazzing. the blue is so prettyyy! (and if you dont have any other crystals in that color, i might just cave in and buy it ... - i dont like you, youre making me spend money when im not suppose to, lol<3)

btw! one of those custom orders are mineee! i actually just wore it like two days ago 8)

oh! and i received my vampire desire necklace last week, and i cant stop staring at it, cause each time i look at it, it shows a different color. (yeah, im easily amused lol.) im scared to wear it to school cause i might just get distracted by it in class and not pay attention :(

Stephanie said...

Love the new romance necklace! I wasn't sure about the light bulb earrings. They are maybe too themed for me to make anymore. I'm still thinking about scrapping them! But, you should totally post them, they look more like your style with the rondelles. haha, oops. I'd love to do a holiday swap! :)

Noriki said...

thanks for following Lisa <3333 x3

~Lisa said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! Please follow me! ^.^

Congratz on getting 200+ followers! I'll definitely enter your two giveaways. Your pieces are gorgeous! I love, love your Signature Triple Swarovski Necklaces...Too bad there's a limited stock to it. Hope you come back with more of those lovely pieces! ^.^

Follow me?

Eugenia said...

i love your new necklaces lisa!!! i need to buy some soon!!

...SimMiChikO said...

so many giveaways yay! <3 thx for the lovely comments on my page lisa-love!

Elise said...

so many beautiful pieces !

kan said...

I want to thank you again for the Alice necklace. It is stunning and I love it! Thanks also for making these gorgeous items reasonably priced =)

mskyou said...

Lisa, thanks for the bday wishes! all these pieces look fabulous *__*