Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coach Haul, NEW wire-wrapped rings, Beaded Turtle, Hello Kitty Jewelry, Weekend Sales

Didn't have class today, so I met up with some classmates to work on a group project, and then my roomate and I went to the Coach outlet. They're offering an additional 20% off right now (with coupon), so I just had to take advantage of that.
See what I scored!

Everything cost $150 ish. A pretty amazing deal, if you ask me.
Which puts my spending for this month at a stop :P

I've also been self-teaching myself how to make wire-wrapped rings. I first attempted this about a year ago, and failed ultra miserably. But I think I'm getting the hang of it now. These take, at the minimum, 4 feet of wire, so I don't think I'll be offering them in sterling silver UNLESS if you really want them... talk to me about it.

Here's the first. Every single bit is wire wrapped. YES, the BAND part is entirely wire wrapped all the way around, by me! It was hard to get it this neat, so I'm very proud of it. This particular piece was a practice piece, to make a base for whatever Crystals or whatnot I want to add on there. I'm not sure if I'll be using it yet.

And something in a completely different style...

Bird's nest rings! I think these are super cute. I offer many colors. But they're not for sale yet, since I want to master the craft first. But it's coming, soon! And these will be affordable, at about $10/each.

I also made a beaded SWAROVSKI turtle for my housemate's friend's bday:

In addition to visiting COACH today, I also went to Sanrio to pick up some stuff for some ladies on blog... ladies who love HK. How did HK make a comeback? Because of MAC? I don't know.
I also spotted some charms, so I thought I'd get some of those, too. Now, I'm going to honestly reveal that I'm not a giant fan of HK, but I know a lot of girls are, so these are for you!

I'm aware of a couple of ladies on blog who've recently made HK jewelry-- I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon, I promise. I just happened to visit Sanrio today, and picked up 4 charms for fun. Felt like this disclaimer was necessary :X

I've decided that if I EVER make HK jewelry again, they will all mostly be ONE OF A KIND jewelry, meaning there is only ONE copy in the world, and I'll NEVER duplicate it again. Think of it as an ultra limited edition. These two particular pieces are such pieces. Prices are a little higher, since these were purchased at Sanrio Retail Price.

Promos for November 11-13, 2009
Special Discounts for orders placed and paid for during the above time. No exceptions, sorry!
Handmade Jewelry Only. Only one promotion per order, and promotions do NOT apply to custom orders/sale items. Let me know you're a reader of my blog. Email me with your order to qualify:
I will then make a personal listing for your on my site.
Discounts exclude S/H charges unless otherwise noted.

1. Buy 1 bracelet, take $10 off the second one!
2. Holiday Bulk Discounts (share the love!) 10% off all orders over $100! If you're ordering an even larger amount ($150+), ever larger discounts will apply, ask me about it!
3. Buy any necklace, and take $5 off any pair of earrings! (Whoa, that means, if you buy a necklace, you'll get a pair of little heart or flower dangles for only $3.75!)
4. FREE shipping if you buy 2 or more SALE SECTION items.

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Angela said...

the ribbon hello kitty earrings are really pretty =]

Miss K. You said...

Lisa, you scored a very nice bag! I have that same one and I really love it.. such a cute turtle hehe. I didn't know Hello Kitty died down.. but I remember drooling over those HK MAC products =X

xoladiihoneyxo said...

lovely haul from the Coach and the sanrio store! =D I'm not a big fan of Hello Kitty but I am a fan of her friends. hahaha. I'm not a fan of cats... maybe that's why. The earring is gorgeous though! and whoa on the rings!!! Handmade wires? First time I've actually seen it. I'm proud of you! Most people can't even do it and quit.... but you manage to continue to try. =]

Cindii said...

I heard about that sale. I didn't get to go though. D: Ahh cute rings!!

Shar bear said...

That turtle is super kawaii. I <3 charmmy kitty and chocoat, but not so much HK :P

Stephanie said...

great work on the first wrapped ring! The bird's nest could make a cute pendant too. What about an aqua blue egg?

Dina (XYYan) said...

the hello kitty earrings are so cute!!

adin_22 said...

what a great deal on the coach bag...:D your so talented girl!!!like the wire rings....& those kawaii..

Serena said...

The turtle is SOoOOoOooO cute!!

Jamie said...

The Hello Kitty earrings are super cute, perhaps a little too cute. But, I think Hello Kitty fanatics would absolutely adore it. :)

Love the rings!! They look like something you would see at a modern art exhibit.

Anonymous said...

Go, Lisa!
Lovely bird's nest ring!!
Very chic Hello Kitty jewelry.

Anonymous said...

you should make longer earrings. I think dangly earrings are so much cuter. I like the ribbons connected to the heart of those HK earrings you made. The HK charm doesn't really have to be there if you ask me (but then again, I have a thing for bow jewelry.)
The rings are super cute! will deff get when they come out.

audrey said...

that's so creative Lisa, i really love them :)

~Lisa said...

I love the Coach bags!! And wow, you look like you've already mastered the wire wrapping part. And the HK earrings are really cute. I'm also not a HUGE fan of HK. XD