Saturday, November 14, 2009

Deluxe Beauty Sampler w/ Purchase this weekend only, and LOTS of NEW items!

Hi Ladies!
Hope your weekend is going well so far. I've been busy working on new pieces to post before tomorrow, which is dedicated to studying =).

The cutoff order date for CHRISTMAS is December 10, 2009.
This is because I'm going to away from Dec. 13-20.
So please, be sure to get your orders in by then!

I wanted to show you what I'm giving away with every purchase that's made for and paid for sometime this weekend (Nov. 14-Nov. 15, 2009).
You know how I've been working with beauty crafters to bring samples to you guys? Well, here's a DELUXE Beauty Sampler pack that I'll be giving away with EVERY SINGLE purchase! It's worth $8-$10! Filled with handmade mineral makeup, soaps, whipped soaps, and handmade caramel-filled chocolate by ME! :D

Now, I usually give away 1-2 of these with every purchase, but you guys get EVERYTHING!
To qualify for one, just put code "LUXBEAUTY" in the comments section when you place your order! I may even toss in some NYX eyeshadows with some purchases! ;)

Now, on to the NEW items!
I've been working like nuts today. I was trying to perfect my bird's nest ring:

It looks amazing, if I may say so myself. I did make a couple changes to the BAND part of the ring, though. I wasn't liking the previous, just wire wrapped around the band look.
So I wrapped the band like this:

Yea, it takes about an extra half hour this way, but I think it makes it look much more professional and polished. I had to raise the price because it seriously takes more than an hour to make. And these are custom sized-- and size available at NO extra cost! I'm keeping this particular for myself since I want yours to be PERFECT.

A swarovski snowflake necklace!

And a triple stars necklace! This is actually really, super duper cute.

And there are a bunch of NEW EARRINGS on my website. There's quite a few, so I'll just post my favorite:

Please place an order HERE.

And today's the last day to join my 200 follower giveaway! Details are on the side bar.


Angela said...

u spelled earrings wrong XD but they look very nice =]

Amy said...

I love your new pieces-especially the new triple star necklace! so pretty =)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love your jewelry pieces! Best wishes on the study tomorrow =] I love the snowflake necklace the most!!!!!

DP said...

^^ the stars necklace is lovely~

Eva said...

i love that snowflake necklace!!

Lorelle said...

aww! I placed my order before you posted your awesome beauty pack! Oh well, next time. :)
Very nice pieces! Loving the triple stars necklace! So cute!

Calia Yang said...

oh loving the goodies!!! and zOMG!! those crown earrings rock!!

Jamie said...

Love the Triple Stars necklace! <3 And the Snowflake! Ah, soooo shinyyyy. <3

Noriki said...

i wanna say that you did a graet great job at making the Bird's nest Ring! very detailed!!
I must say it even though everyone already told you...both necklaces are really really lovely! <333

~Lisa said...

Kuh-yute-ness!! [<---Can ya say that =P]

I love the triple stars necklace and the crown earrings!! Too too cute!! And it's so sweet of you to include those nice GWPs!!!

Your bird nest ring has really improved! It does look great! ^.^