Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I kill bugs with my face. NEW Twilight jewelry/bunch of new rings and HOLIDAY earrings, FREE SHIPPING!

A lot of people bike in Davis. And for those of you who bike, you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about...
A couple days ago, a good friend of mine from UCI sent me some AMAZING Smashbox lipgloss in "Ravishing". It's now my absolute FAVORITE lip gloss. Not only does it smell YUMMY, but it's also not CRAZY blingy shiny, which I like. The color is also to die for. Anyway, enough about the lip gloss.

So I was wearing lip gloss, and biking. 2-3 minutes into my bike ride, something large gets stuck on my lips (lip gloss...)... A GIANT BUG. :LSJDFLKSJDLFKJSDLFKDJSF GROSS. I try to pick it off with one hand, will trying to steer with the other.

.... near the end of the bike ride, the same thing happens, but this time, it's a smaller bug, and I accidentally licked my lips, and ate it. -_-. Oh well, extra protein, right?

I've also had incidences where I've killed bugs with my EYES by blinking. It's kind of inevitable when you're biking-- maybe I should wear sunglasses or something-- but where does that leave my mouth? I don't really feel like inhaling bugs anymore, haha. I need to learn to keep my mouth closed, and apply lip gloss after biking :P

And a random life picture... haha!
A couple days ago, I got my NYX package in the mail.. YES, I gave in to buying 59 eyeshadow pigments! Guess what that means? Eyeshadow pigment samples will be included in all orders till I run out. Ladies who place larger orders will receive FULL SIZE eyeshadows!
But my roomates are cute, and made a stack of NYX:


Okay, so who's going to see Twilight?
I'm going to admit that the movies make me kinda cringe since I really adored the books, and the acting seems a bit stiff and awkward for me (don't kill me!), but I'm excited to see what the crowd will be like on opening day!

I found these WONDERFUL Swarovski hearts at my local bead store, and I only bought enough to make one pair of earrings:

These are my one-of-a-kind Edward earrings. The color is SPAZZZZZZZZ. It's topaz like Edward's eyes, but it's also got an amazing red warmth to it. I wish cameras would show more realistic colors... but alas, we must do with what we've got.

And BELLA ring!

And just some really, really random rings I made. I don't know where the inspiration for these came from. It just came out this way when I was playing with my materials..
In case you can't tell, I'm on a ring binge :X

And for around only $10 each, they're STEALS for the amount of work I put into them! ::hint hint:: CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ;)
These are priced low because I'm not using sterling silver wire. If you want sterling silver, let me know!

And a really simple moon ring I customized for someone:

Christmas tree earrings! Only TWO pairs available!
High quality is guaranteed to last you many Christmases to come =)

SPECIAL: If anyone purchases any HOLIDAY jewelry, they'll get a FREE coupon code to use on their next order! Mention this discount in your comments at checkout!
There's also THIS pair of earrings available.

I'm also going to be doing a holiday giveaway soon... maybe in the next week or so.  =)

Also, in case you guys haven't noticed, I'm offering FREE shipping from now till Dec. 26, 2009!
See the sidebar for more details! Please take advantage of this offer.
And remember to shop my SALE section for amazing deals! (and free shipping!) Everything in there NEEDS to go! Many items in there are priced at MATERIALS COST only!
Bulk orders will still qualify for discounts, ask me about it:

till next time,


Calia Yang said...

OMG!! your bug story is HILARIOUS!!! just this past sat - i was playing in an outdoor volleyball tournament and a bug flew in my mouth - i TOTALLY spit that bug out in a heartbeat!! i HATE bugs!!!

Anonymous said...

I've had fall leaves and dirt stick to my lipgloss before.
My sister-in-law is going to be waiting in line tomorrow for the midnight premiere; she's getting there at like 2:00p.m.!
I agree, the books are heaps better!
Those Spaz heart earrings are beautiful!
You always have the best deals going on!

Karen said...

My friend wore lab goggles to bike in the rain. XD

I also thought the acting in Twilight was incredibly awkward. I'm hoping the new one will be better. :)

rhaindropz said...

oh my, lisa.. i have already received the package you've sent me.. i was amazed by the purple self-tie necklace.. uber unique =) and it matches the purple v.l. heart earring i've ordered from your shop..

and i cant believe that you include a bracelet.. oh sweetie, it was like early xmas present for me!!! and also i love the scent of lavender soap sample you've included =) a heart shape soap!!! lurved it!!! so much!!!


xoladiihoneyxo said...

ewwww. eating bugs! YUCK! lol. I guess protein is good enough for you. haha. I never got bugs stuck on my lip gloss before so I don't know but it gets annoying when they're around you. HAHA. Maybe sunglasses will be good, it'll protect you from bugs and the UV rays! lol.

The Twilight movie didn't get me at all. I heard the book is much better than the acting. I heard Host is good; written by the same author! You should check it out =] I want to read it... it's more for a "mature level" so I'm sure you'll be able to read it. I don't know what "mature level" means though. hahahaha. Maybe something sexual or bigger words? lol. I don't know.

Sometimes, reading the book is much better than watching the movie. You can play it in your head by imagining what's happening as you read along.... it's all part of the imagination =] When it's on the movie, sometimes... it satisfy some people but not others because the imagination doesn't match up. It's just my opinion.

Jamie said...

Ew, gross. Not sure if that ever happened to me. It probably has, but they were probably small bugs so I never noticed. >_<

Never seen the Twilight movie, but the trailers looked awkward ehh.

The Christmas tree earrings are super duper cute! I could totally picture an elf (or Mrs. Claus I guess) wearing them. xD

Miss K. You said...

=O I never knew that kind of thing happened to people who bike! I get smashed bugs on my car from driving.. but wow if I bike I'm gonna get a motorcycle helmet haha.
I am itching to see Twilight.. but yeah honestly the first one wasn't as good as I envisioned because they change things. boo

Shar bear said...

LOL. That's a really funny story! I bike too but haven't ate any bugs yet :D

Pop Champagne said...

ohh those jewelries are so pretty! getting hair/crap stuck on my lip gloss when the wind blows is def one of my biggest pet peeves hence I try not to wear lip gloss unless I have to! haha

Marie. said...

I think I'm the only girl in my family who ISNT going to see New Moon tonight lol.

I use to work at Six Flags and I worked at night (counting money the park makes) and we had golf carts... we'd be talking and mid sentence we'd HAVE to spit cause there was so many gnats around and they would always get in your mouth. I HATED THAT. I was so happy when they put up a "windshield" LOlL!