Thursday, November 19, 2009

MORE Hello Kitty Charms, NEW HQCD Bookmarks! Black Friday Sale Info ;)

A quickie post to show you guys what I worked on all last night and this morning:

^ I added TONS more of the older HK charms I've had leftover from a couple years ago.
There's only ONE of each design available, please get them quickly! I just showed you guys my favorite one.

I've waited OVER one month to import these bookmarks. And these are NOT sterling silver, because.. I don't think that's very practical. They're just antique silver plated. FINALLY. But, when I got my bookmarks, 2 of the 10 I ordered were damaged already? (whyyyy?!?!). I got them from overseas, so it'll take forever to get another shipment. But here's what I've come up with so far:

All bookmarks so far are $10 or under!

A favorite so far:

SO classy!

And of course.. we need to do an Edward and Bella;


See all new charms/bookmarks HERE.

Regarding Black Friday:
I'm personally gonna be shopping, lol. So I won't actually post sales THAT day. But I think I'll post before and after, how's that? I'm going to be posting "bundles" of items. Say, for instance, a set of 4 earrings for $25 shipped, or something like that. The deals will be good, I promise. Keep your eyes on my site!

But does anyone know any good deals going on for external hard drives? I figure I should start backing up all my files & data so I can be more organized... and just in case something happens to my laptop. Let me know! This is on the top of my list for black friday shopping. Other stuff includes snowboarding stuff. The bf's family and I are going to UTAH to snowboard on Dec. 13-20! I'm so excited. I'm in the process of learning how to snowboard :P. I went for the first time this Feb. Hoping this experience will be less pain and more boarding! haha

talk to you all later.
Don't forget to take advantage of free shipping! Details are on side bar =)

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- Lisa


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love the book marks! There's so many from Asian gift stores that I've bought since I was little. LOL. I have something from Micheal's craft store too. lol. BLAHHHH. I want to get it... soon soon!

Shar bear said...

The bookmarks are so very cute!

About external drives, I was also waiting for Black Friday for an external drive!

Staples have a great deal on Western Digital external drives. The 500 GB My Passport (small, slick and portable) is $70 [there are also $25 off $75 coupons] and there is also a deal for the bigger 1TB My Book. They are really great drives and durable!

Hope that helps you a little :) Goodluck on getting to the store early!

Calia Yang said...

OMG !! I love your bookmark idea!!! how cool is that?!!!

Oh and to help you on black friday posts - Blogger allows you to schedule when your posts get posted. i.e. since you'll be shoppin' friday - blogger will post for you. You just have to write your post like normal - BUT before hitting the PUBLISH POST button - hit the BLUE POST OPTIONS link. It'll let you schedule your post. Then hit the PUBLISH POST and your post should show up as "scheduled" ^_^ Hope this helps!!

~Lisa said...

Love the bookmarks!! They're so original and cute!! At first I thought they were earrings! I was thinking "Ridiculous, how does one get that through their ear piercing?" I read on and discovered they were bookmarks and then I started laughing at myself XD

Emily said...

omg so so cute >_< that hello kitty!!!!! wah!!! so cute

wow o_o thats the prettiest bookmark that ive seen! seriously, u r so talented and creative :)

haha modeled on twilight....cant wait to see new moon tommorrow

Stephanie said...

I love that hello kitty squid. It's so friggin hilarious! How can you bear to part with it? haha. I'm not sure what I'll be trying to buy on Black Friday.

Anonymous said...

Love your bookmarks; so creative!

Anonymous said...

bookmarks. i want them :)