Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beauty Additions, Jewelry Updates (Black Friday/Cyber Monday info), Gift Suggestions

November 24, 2009

It feels like a while since I last blogged-- I've missed everyone! The coming two weeks will be insane! Classes are ending, final projects, finals. So I won't be around too much, sorry! I have lots of blogs to catch up on, as well-- that's saved for break.

I wanted to do a fun beauty entry today-- talk about a couple of things that I really, REALLY love, and I think you guys might enjoy, too.

BUT FIRST, I wanted to show you guys what I got in the mail from KAREN.

Isn't she simply amazing? (Like how there's some chocolate missing already? lol)
Currently, I'm wearing the purple nail polish right now-- I LOVE IT! What a beautiful color.

A shot of the MAC pigments:

These are beautiful, highly useful colors! I'm wearing a silver and black mix today-- a little goes a LONG way, LOVE it. THANK YOU, KAREN!

I have a nail chewing problem-- for years, I was never able to grow my nails out AT ALL. The second there's any "white" tip, I'd chew it off. I know it's a terrible habit, and I haven't been able to start getting over it till recently. BUT a year or so ago, I discovered that if I used glue-on nails (or any type of fake nails), I DO NOT chew my nails AT ALL. So I've been using TONS of the broadway KISS nails and the nails for petite hands-- I have TINY nails and I always have to get the smallest size :X. Here's what I've been stashing:

I've never seen these cute designs before! I normally just do a french, but these new releases are SOOOO CUTE. I'll post a pic after I use them.. probably for Thanksgiving this week =)

And... my obsession as of late:

I'm generally TERRIBLE at using liquid liner, but this "pen" is so, SO easy to use! It's actually easier for me to use than a pencil (And I'm a usually a HUGE fan of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners). I don't even tug on my skin when I use it unlike when I', using gel or pencil. Has anyone else used this? If so, what do you guys think?
* Sidenote: I used the Mascara version, and I hated it :(

Another addiction is Bare Minerals

I've been tempted to buy this for a while now. Up till recently, I've NEVER used anything on my face. A couple weeks ago, the roomie and I went to Sephora, and I finally caved in and bought it :X.. at full price, $60. It's love, LOVE love. I've never gotten so many compliments on my skin before! Makes me look airbrushed without looking gunky or fake. Also, it's super light, so I don't feel like I'm wearing any makeup.

If you guys are interested in purchasing a starter set (lasts a long time, and really worth the money), it's on sale at Sephora for $48 right now, with free shipping: http://sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P220532&categoryId=B70.

Now for some jewelry news =)

I've made TONS of additions to the site-- not sure if you guys have been following.
I'm still open for taking orders for Christmas, but the last day is December 10th for US customers. Cutoff date for international customers is December 1st.
At this time, it's really, REALLY difficult for me when orders are made, and then not paid for. I won't be holding ANY items anymore! If payment is not received within 24 hours of placing an order on my site, your order will be canceled! Please do not waste time, and be courteous to everyone else who wants to make a purchase.

Here are some things I've made in the last week or so:

oodles of charms:

All charms are $10 or under! WONDERFUL trinkets for the holidays!

Some awesome earrings:

^ Those took way too long, but worth it, won't you agree? ;)

Another golden Alice =)

BTW, who saw New Moon already? How is it?
I made another necklace in honor of it:

(There's also a matching charm in the charm section)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
I think I'm going to do a CYBER MONDAY instead of a black friday. Gives me more time to prepare. Sounds good?

General Announcement:
Holiday rush is in FULL SWING. SO MANY pieces are being either sold out or being put on reserve. This is the last week or so you can expect to get your purchases by Christmas-- please act quickly!

Visit my site: http://www.heheproductions.ecrater.com
Email me for any questions: heqicrystaldesigns@hotmail.com

Other Great Gift Ideas (sites I recommend :D)
BTW, if anyone loves CHEMISTRY, here's a great store on Etsy I stumbled upon that sells molecule jewelry. I'm contemplating treating myself to "dopamine".

Love unique, awesome, handmade soap? Here's one of the companies that I purchase my beauty samples from (that go in every package!)
A plus: they ship SUPER fast.

.. I wish I had more free time to use the "pounce" feature on Etsy. Seems fun :X



Anonymous said...

You received some real lovely treats!!
Love those purple earrings!
New Moon was good!!

Calia Yang said...

WOWZA girl!!! those are awesome goodies from karen!!

I'm with crystal on those purple earrings!!!! GORGEOUS FOR SURE!!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

one word.. whoa

lol. hmmmz.... I want to try the liquid eye liner that you've been using. I have a different version of Maybelline's liquid eyeliner and it's pretty good =] IT just take awhile to dry... not really a while, 45 seconds. lol.

rhaindropz said...

i'll post the items youve sent me wearing them =) heart them so much

Marie. said...

Youuuuuu are making me go brokeeeeeee lol! I was so going to get back into making jewelry but it turns out Martin's coming home... today. So much for that thought! lol.

I havent seen New Moon yet, I kinda dont really want to but the first thing Martin said after he told me he was discharged was "so, you're going to watch New Moon with me right?" how does he remember? Hes been away from home for 2 months! Crazy! Haha.

I LOVE Ferro Rochers! And MAC pigments are AMAZING.

Miss K. You said...

Lisa, I'm glad you liked your package :) the things look so pretty as a picture.. thank you for posting it dear! Would you mind linking my blog here since most people don't know my name? haha weird I know. I actually considered getting you some fake nails.. good thing I didn't! Haha I've been looking for a good liquid liner- which one is the one you're using? As for BareMinerals.. I got my mom the starter kit too and it works fabulously.. but personally I use EverydayMinerals because I think the quality is the same, it's cheaper, and there's much more shades of skin tones to match to. Loving your new jewelry!

Miss K. You said...

Aw thanks for getting back to me so fast and for linking me :) It's not a problem. I can't wait to post up the swap on my blog when I get home tomorroww!

I don't have financial aid, but I think I really should look into it. Did you get the aid either through FAFSA or Cal grant? And would you happen to know the qualifying max/min income? I really need to get more info :\ I don't know if my parents can still afford my sister's college tuition now, with the tuition raises and with the bad economy.

But yeah I definitely know what you mean.. education is costly but it's a worthwhile investment.

Anonymous said...

the ending sucked of NM! though i did enjoy the shirtless scenes (not edwards shirtless scene. I DID NOT WANT TO SEE HIS BROWN NIPPLES AND CHEST HAIR. EW)

Golden Alice is so pretty :) I'll have to guilt Ben into buyin me one of your necklaces sooner or later XD

Lorelle said...

Quite the lovely stash you have there, Lisa! Lucky you, it all looks fabbulous! :D

I haven't seen New Moon yet, but your new necklaces make me want to see it now! Very nice additions to your jewelry store.

& your package arrived for me today! The cosmic circle of love is even more wonderful in reality! Thanks also for the awesome sampler bag! cannot wait to test everything out! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!