Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tons of new earrings =)

I've been trying to slow down and enjoy my spring break, so I haven't really had the chance to make many new things :X I HAVE been ordering a bunch of new, cute supplies though =). In honor of these new supplies and not having been very productive all week, I went on a jewelry binge today =)

Most of the metal parts are top quality materials, imported from Korea. Always solid sterling silver or gold plated over brass, and completely nickel free.

Speaking of nickel.....
I found out that I had a nickel allergy the bad way. Nickel in jewelry is generally a bad sign-- it's just not a precious metal. My ex gave me a promise ring (an expensive one, I must add) many years ago and the part where the band touched my finger turned black, rashed, and virtually started rotting away. Alas, looked up where the ring was purchased, and it said that jewelry "may contain trace amount of nickel". :\. Lesson learned: do your research when you buy jewelry.

New things on my website. You can get yourselves some HERE. =)

I've been getting a lot of attention from wearing these cute dress earrings:

And goodness, these beautiful butterflies are seriously to die for.

How cute are the mirrors? :X

And restocked on some old favorites =)

Recent Custom Orders:

Enjoy your Sunday, all! Talk to you soon :D

Thinking about starting a rewards program soon... $1 = 1 point, and you can redeem your points for stuff later on? Thoughts? The only thing that would be a little hard to do would be keeping track, but I'm sure I can manage =)

- Lisa
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Anonymous said...

Wow those butterflies are pretty, I could have mistaken them for petals on a flower.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I still love the hoop earrings! hehe.. and omg at the dress, I thought it was fish tails at first glance.

About the rewards program, I think it's great but it'll be hard for you to keep track on top of the busy life you already got... it's going to be hard to have some free times, you know? and........ you might go bankrupt if 25 points can get a $25 gift card for your website. lol. Unless you're going to use them as discounts like AE and special discounts for people's birthdays.

You should make necklaces out of the bows.... you haven't made any necklaces for awhile.

Thanks for the info about nickel! I'm so happy that my hunnie got an 18k white gold promise ring or I would really had to replace it in order to wear "Mr. Hunnie Bear's promise ring." so what did you do with the promise ring he got you?

Esther said...

The butterflies are SO pretty!!! I think the point system would be a lot of fun ^^ . Not that your gorgeous jewelry isn't incentive enough, but earning a little extra something on the side would also be fun. Points and things always get me so excited even if it would be for something really small. I really enjoyed your earring binge post today!

Shiseiten said...

Wow!! I love the butterflies. They's so beautiful!! Those dress ones are also really pretty. They remind me of ballet for some reason. Amazing work and hope you enjoyed your spring break! :D

London's-beauty said...

the green custom order looks fab! :) love them all though

viickietoria said...

wow i love these! soooo soo cute. if i weren't so broke i'd be myself quite a few pairs (:

Jess ♡ said...

Ahh lovely lovely LOVELY <3 I'm completely in love with EVERY SINGLE PIECE. Definitely need to convince my parents to get me a pair... or two... of these bad boys :) xo

Calia Yang said...

i love love love the new stuff!!!! very cute!!!

enjoy your spring break!!! better make it as relaxing as you can b/c once it's over - it's back to work work work work study study study study! ^_^ *hugs*

Susan said...

LOVE the new bow earrings and the butterflies!!
I like the idea of the rewards program, but it will be hard to keep track.

Marie. said...

Beautiful new jewelry! Where do you find all these wonderful findings!

Saving Capulet said...

the bow earrings are so pretty! you make one of the prettiest pieces ive ever seen!