Friday, March 05, 2010

Lisa's Proud, Julu, and New HQCD (Alice in Wonderland!)

Thanks to those of you who answered that question for the little The All Natural Face giveaway-- I think Jamie had an exceptional answer. There will be lots more of the philosophical questions in the future for my readers. It gives you something more to think about besides just what's going on right in front of one's eyes. And that's that, for now =)

A couple of months ago, the Internal Vice President of the UC Davis Vietnamese Student Association asked if I'd contribute some pieces for a charity auction-- of course, I was more than happy to!
I got a letter from Ai Phi yesterday:

Click HERE to read the whole thing.

I often think to myself that HQCD interacts with a limited amount of people/resources, and that no way would I ever be able to make a somewhat significant contribution-- but this is one of the many events I hope to attend in the future (and maybe even host one!). HQCD helped raise over $500 for UNICEF through donation of 6 pieces of jewelry. Bidders bought these, and the money will go towards providing hygiene kits, medication, clean water and other aid to those who were affected by Typhoon Ketsana in Vietnam.

So needless to say, I feel great today.


I wanted to share with you a pair of earrings I bought from Julu Jewelry.
Steph's one of my favorite designers in the blog-sphere (and probably one of the only that I keep up with, because she's awesome). Her creativity and sense of style is super.

She recently came into possession of a beautiful pair of angel wing earrings OMG.

BUY THEM HERE. Quick, last two pairs! If no one buys them, I think I'll buy a second pair as a back up, just in case. Yes, because I'm that paranoid about earrings I like.

I did make an alteration, though. I have two ear piercing on the lobe, and in order to make them attach to my ear that way, I added an extra stud needle:

That way, they stay upwards and do not slowly fall throughout the day.
BEAUTIFUL. My favorite pair of earrings I've owned in a LONG time.


Here are some new things from HQCD:

I've made slightly changes to it (very subtle, mostly for quality purposes).

Some every-day classic earrings, great for any occasion, formal enough for work:

Fun spring-time earrings;

The 2nd HQCD double-stranded bracelet ever:

This one's called "Raven".

And the long planned for Alice in Wonderland Cluster Bracelet:

I finally realized why I got so many emails for cluster bracelets. Will not disclose the reason, but will say that if you ask me to duplicate another artist's jewelry, don't expect to hear an answer from me. That's quite insulting, actually. If you don't like my style, don't make a purchase-- it's very simple. Clustering is a STYLE of jewelry making that has very similar basics (so basically, every single cluster bracelet will have similarities because a "cluster" has already been defined in our minds), but if you want to change my cluster style into someone else's... you're better off purchasing directly from that person.
I also don't have the time and resources to go blog/website stalking to check if all custom orders are copied orders, so I trust you to never bring me those requests. I'm a busy gal, so I work based on an honor system. That being said, the same applies if you think I'm "copying" someone. I just DON'T have the time to search the net for things to copy because I'm BUSY. My school work is demanding, and living on my own is as well. Shoot me an email and bring it up to me if you have any issues.

Don't forget to check out the PROMOTIONS on the sidebar!

Open to all sorts of custom orders, just ask!


Saving Capulet said...

oh my gosh, i fell in love with alice and the winged heart necklace!

MeiBelle said...

The earrings from Steph look awesome on you Lisa!! I think your little alteration is a need idea too =) I also am in love with your cluster bracelets!! I hate when ppl ask for duplicates of something, I love browsing all of blogger for the creativity. It'd be pretty boring if everything was the same ^^

Angela said...

the alice in wonderland bracelet looks awesome =D i need to go watch the movie x.x

e.motion in motion said...

That is awesome how much money your jewelry raised, and for such a great cause =) I feel great just reading your story lol! Very inspiring (:

Those earrings are gorgeous! I <3 Steph, she's so sweet! Oo I love that angel wing necklace! I have a thing for those wings (lol) I think they're the cutest thing! ^^ Lovely new desings as well<3

Ahh, I'm pretty sure I know the reason :P I also don't understand why people just don't buy from the designer in the first place! I would feel insulted too >:( I think your work is beautiful AND unique... people can be so ignorant sometimes :P

xoladiihoneyxo said...

yay for the earring! I was going to get that actually but not yet. lol.

Oh good god.... I didn't know you had that necklace with the two wings! I told Steph awhile ago to make "angel of love" & "angel of (whatever)" necklaces -____- except I told her to find the actual word pendants and the wings..... so if you see that she has a necklace similar to that... it'll be my fault =[ I didn't know! Just putting it out there JUST IN CASE you start having beef with Stephanie. lol.

I don't know why I'm commenting when I'm trying to edit my blog layout -___-' Just great... lost track of what I was doing... "I'm an old old lady"

hana said...

I love what you did to Steph's earring! never thought of adding an extra studs to transform an earring suitable for two ear holes! :D

The spring earrings look so pretty with all the colors <3

hana said...

oh btw, just to let you know, the link to your shop from your blog homepage has an error? somehow the url comes out as instead and you'll get an error page. Would be quite inconvenient to some who doesn't know to just delete the front part :)

Lilly said...

Wow, 6 pieces of jewelry for $500 is amazing! So glad you were able to help out and contribute to such a great cause. :)

Esther said...

Oh, I saw those wing earrings on Julu's blog and thought they were so freaking cute buttt I didn't purchase them because I have 2-3 piercings on each lobe... (Yes, my piercings are uneven D:) I think the way you altered them is just so great. Genius!

eki said...

wow that is awesome you raise that much for them!! Great job :D Hope you like the kit kats <3

Jess ♡ said...


Shiseiten said...

I LOVE the blue color on the Alice bracelet. I have one with less crystals that is also alice themed, but yours has the cute little charms! ^_^ My favorite jewelry post of the day is the spring time earrings. :D super cute!! And congrats on the fundraising!! That is a very nice accomplishment. :)

Stephanie said...

whoa $500! That's awesome! I'm sure you were the bulk of it.

The wing earrings look very beautiful on you! That's a good idea to attach the extra post, cuz I wear mine hanging down. (my ears are not as cute as yours. :P)

Very, very pretty necklace! I feel like it's going to flutter on down the page- so cute!
Keep making the cluster bracelets. I've seen many that are overdone, but yours are very wearable. I love your style MUCH MUCH more!

Also AMEN SISTER to this and the previous posts on pricing etc.

Stacey said...

I think I know the reason you're referring to as well... your style is definitely different though. I think your style is much more fancy/glam whereas other jewelry bloggers may have more simple/clean pieces. It just all depends on what you prefer. Keep up with the beautiful jewelry pieces! I haven't bought anything yet, but I love browsing your pieces! :)

Susan said...

Thanks for showing the Angel Wings from Steph. I had been looking at them but wasn't sure how they would look. Love the additional stud because I like the way the earring goes up the ear.
The Double strand bracelet is GORGEGOUS!! I love the way you reversed the color scheme on each strand.

WendiiE said...

Congrats on the fundraising. I love the Raven bracelet! It's gorgeous.

Jessica said...

Congratulations on raising so much money! You really shouldn't be so surprised though, your stuff is beautiful! =) & good for you for addressing the shadiness of some people's requests.. how disrespectful to you AND the other artist =/. But whatever, Good Luck with school! All A's!


adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

wow!what a great way to contribute for a good cause.. congratulations...
yup, stephs earrings is cute..& your jewelries are adorable as well...

Marie. said...

I love your cluster bracelet! I've been searching for Alice related charms and didn't really find any good ones I liked, booo! It's okay, I'm taking a break from it all anyway!

Gah. I need to stop coming to your blog, I always end up wanting things! lol.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I love the angel wing necklace! It is so beautiful! And your Alice In Wonderland bracelet is beautiful as well!!

Jamie said...

Yay, thank you! <3

Congratulations on your philanthropic contribution raising so much money for those in need. I'm so proud of you.

Alice in Wonderland bracelet is stunning!

Dude, some people are just unbelievably rude. :( Your one of my top favorite jewelry artisans. :)

Calia Yang said...

how awesome is that!!!!!! what great news about raising so much money!!! WOOHOO!!

Love steph's stuff too!!! ^_^ She's so creative like you! that's a really cool alteration.

love those pieces!! gorgeous as always!

Susan said...

Just saw your Jewelry site and love the new Peachy Clean Cluster Bracelet!! The peach and champagne crystal go so well with the pearls!

Dina (XYYan) said...

congrats on the contribution! we're proud of you too :D
love the spring earrings! look really cute :)

Miss K. You said...

Good job Lisa!! You did an amazing job in donations :) I'm sure you'll get even more supporters for your kind heart. Adorable angel wing earrings! I used to have 2 piercings on the lobe too but one side kept getting infected so I let one set of piercings close :( boo

Hope you're doing well & catching up on your schoolwork!

Yim said...

Hey guys I just wanted to take a minute and ask if anyone is interested in donating to the American Cancer Society. I am doing a Relay for Life at my college and I could use all the support I can get. Any amount donated would be greatly appreciated and its going towards a good cause:

London's-beauty said...

you're actually amazing by making all these, keep up the good work :) xx