Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honey Comb made me break my "a" and some links =)

Well.... to start off-- I apologize for the lack of posts and slower responses to emails. I'm also terribly sorry for not Twittering/Tweeting back as much-- my week is insanity. Filled with homework, project, homework, studying. It's been wayyy intense. I'm writing this entry while in one of my classes :X

Asides from that, I've been able to make one new piece of jewelry since... the weekend. Which is a long time of no jewelry making for me!

Say hi to Honey Comb!
All SWAROVSKI Crystals, no pearls.
Crystals are 2-3 times more expensive than Swarovski pearls =)

So how did Honey Comb break my "a"?

I was using my light box to take photos of Honey Comb... I got careless, and somehow the bottom of the light box caught two of my keys-- the "a" and the "q". The "a" key is completely destroyed-- the spring under the keypad is broken, but the key is still responsive, which is awesome. The "q" key popped off, flew off somewhere in my room, and I have yet to find it, so I've replaced it with the "a" for now. Lisa Fail.

I'm going to be starting a "links" tab on my side bar-- it'll be a list of site that I enjoy visiting, or I think you should check out =)
A little blurb about some of the links on my side bar (so far...)

1. Be In Style Beauty/Fashion blog: TONS of giveaways and chances to win some awesome stuff. Your odds are great which is awwwwwesome, right? Also, check out their Carnival of Shopping to get introduced to some new shops.
2. Hautelook: Designer goods at discounted prices. Currently, they're selling GO SMILE! I absolutely love that system, and will be picking some up later tonight. You do need an invite to join, so get one HERE.
3. Julu Jewelry I just love her. There isn't anything else to it, really. Unique, handcrafted SWAROVSKI jewelry.
4. Shop Molecular Muse for your inner Chemy. I love their unique (and high quality) selection of molecule jewelry. I've currently got my eye on the Serotonin earrings.

Recently, I've been addicted to surfing If you haven't visited, and love to shop online, GO GO GO! I recently bought a snowboarding jacket and boots for $72.98 shipped-- what a deal! A plus with overstock is that they literally have EVERYTHING.

In other news, YIM asked if I'd spread the word about her Relay for Life. Yim and her roomies are trying to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. More details HERE The goal is $300.
I will donate 5% of my sales for the next week to this cause-- BUY HQCD, support a Charity =)

Sorry if that wasn't the most exciting post in the world :X. I promise there will be more exciting things to come after the end of next week (YAYAY FINALS WEEK NEXT WEEK!)

Until then, happy shopping at HQCD HERE.
Contact me for questions/custom order:

- Lisa


Calia Yang said...

BAD HONEYCOMB BAD!!! I'll take honeycomb if you dont want it anymore LOL jk ^_^ it's gorgeous and lovely as all the rest of your pieces! hopefully you'll be able to find the Q key.

awesome links!!! i love julu and overstock!!!! heheheh

thanks for sharing the link to the relay for life! *hugs* good luck with your finals!

Saving Capulet said...

Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your computer, I hope you find the other key real soon! and the honeycomb sure is lovely!

Pauline said...

whats weird is that im currently eating honeycombs, LOL.

when i click on the relay for life link, it says page not found for me :(

xoladiihoneyxo said...

errrr, lol at the missing A? Can't you try to put it back on or something.... super glue? It's okay with the load of stuff you have to do in school, majoring in Biomedical engineering is hard!!! good luck sweetie!

Yim said...

Thank you Lisa for mentioning Relay for Life for all of your readers. I just wanted to say thank you to all the ladies for taking the time to read this. This is going towards a good cause and I hope you'll help us out. If you want to make a direct donation you can use this link:
Please support Lisa by buying her jewelry and supporting the American Cancer Society
~ Yim Lin

izumi said...

haha! my bf's dog destroyed his Z key.. way annoying for when i want to undo something xD we were on a roadtrip and the dog kept wanting to shift from person to person (whoever was petting her the most) and her nail caught the key.. and flipped it off! hahaha. it's still responsive but it still sucks that there's no actual key there. oh well (:

London's-beauty said...

haha! are you able to superglue it back on? :D x