Saturday, March 20, 2010

Done with Finals! Check here to see if you won those earrings ;)

Over a week since I've last blogged-- I've locked myself down this week to study for finals. Finally done, YAY! But also because of this, orders have been backed up a bit--- thank you all SO MUCH for your patience and understanding!

BTW, thanks to everyone who shared their favorite ice cream flavors with me =)
Congrats to Jeri for being the random winner of the ribbon earrings from the previous post! Jeri, if you can email me with your full name and shipping address, that'd be awesome!

Some new things I've made this week =)

Firstly, a custom order:

Tidbit about gold:
Did you know many implantable bio-medical devices including nano particles/carriers are made of GOLD (just like the gold in the gold-filled jewelry that I make :D)? This is because gold is a neutral metal and has no harmful effects on the body. Our bodies don't reject the gold the way we reject (or be allergic to) other metals! Surgical steel is another great alternative for people who have metal allergies-- my only gripe about them is that it's usually very dark and unattractive :X. I think I'll stick with gold :D

The famous Mother of Pearl DOVE earrings are back. It's harder and harder to find these doves in stock, so grab them while you can!

I also wanted to quickly shed some light on some older pieces that I think deserve some extra attention ;)

All of the following pieces are available in my shop HERE.
You might have to go back a page or so through each category to find them =)

These beaded balls have been a long-time staple of mine:

They're very unique-- usually we see the rhinestone encrusted balls-- but the rhinestones on those fall off. You won't have to worry about that issue with these. I AM, however, trying to get my hands on some SWAROVSKI fireballs-- MUCH better quality than rhinestone balls =)

One of my favorite, most versatile every-day bracelets:

So, SO classic.

Faerie drops, I think, are some of the most under-rated items in my shop. These are pure crystal, no other stones or pearls. Shiny, beautiful, very dainty, the perfect length =)

I first started making origami butterfly earrings at the beginning of last year-- they were my top seller at the UCD Whole Earth Festival.

Beautiful, classy earrings:

Bridal Clusters:

You don't need to be a bride to wear these beauties, though!

Since my last post on threaders, I've gotten a few emails regarding how to wear threaders. Since I want to keep my products in their newest condition, I won't model mine. Here's a photo from Google on how to wear threader earrings.

Okay, that's it for now. I have tons of NEW Spring/Summer 2010 SWAROVSKI Innovations to show you guys-- see the newest stuff here! =)

Visit my shop HERE.



xoladiihoneyxo said...

hmm, thanks for the little info but I think I'll stick to gold too c[=

ohhhh, hoop earrings! prettyyy

Congrat on finally done with finals!!! Woot woot =] but wait, finals or midterms? O_O I thought there's at least another 1.5 months left for spring semester.

Angela said...

=] can't wait for your new spring jewelry. so lucky to be done with finals

Anonymous said...

The first custom order you posted is lovely ! I really appreciate that you use high quality materials for your jewelry.

eki said...

beautiful collections! so elegant :D ohh you got new cards too~

Esther said...

Those dove earrings are so pretty! They're so clean and cute. I'm very excited to see the new items that will be coming out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy, Lisa!
Lovely additions as usual.

Marie said...

I'm allergic to gold!! Seriously, I can't wear gold. Like, at all.

I'm thinking of getting back into jewelry. I miss playing with colors! But either... I'm much more broke of the supplies prices went up lol.

Congrats on finishing your finals! I was suppose to do mine yesterday (its online and due on Monday) but I got too lazy lol!

Dina (XYYan) said...

congrats on finishing the finals! :) love all the new earrings, they are really gorgeous :D

Lilly said...

The custom piece looks so elegant and the new earrings are gorgeous! :)

Pauline said...

OMG LISAAA, YOU UPDATEDDDDD! AHHHH IM SO HAPPY. I was checking back everyday for at least 3 times each day to see if you updated!

Yes I AGREE those faerie drops are so shiny (i don't have that, but i have the polygon shaped ones)! My friend saw them and made me sit still for 5 minutes (while i was eating my lunch) just so she can take pictures of it!

baby-kk said...

congrats in finals =D new jewellry are soo pretty ^^

Susan said...

I know you are glad Finals are over!! :D Thanks for sharing your custom pieces - They are beautiful. LOVE the new sparrow earrings and the dove earrings are gorgeous!!
Looking forward to you new Spring Collection! :)

Calia Yang said...

YAY with FINALS being over!!!! i love the new pieces!!!! super duper love them!

yumiko said...

yeah! glad you are done with your finals! btw. i tagged you for a kawaii blog award so check it out. btw. i love your creation that you had sent me. I will putting a post up soon.

Michelle said...

I just love your earrings, all of them! :D

Jamie said...

Faerie drops are sooooo prettyyyy.