Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring of the Sparrow, White Gold Calla Lilies, Mini giveaway, RR on Hautelook

I recently used this sparrow link to make a custom bracelet-- it's a shame that I don't have a photo :(.

Say hi to "Spring of the Sparrow".
Really playful, bright, cheerful-- what spring should be like.

The Original version of the White Gold Callas are back!

A signature design, but this time in GREEN.
I never do green stuff, I'm not sure why. Thought I'd give it a go.

And on to the mini-giveaway..

For those of you who ordered HQCD around 2 months ago, you'll know that I was collaborating with a bunch of other people who handmade soaps, minerals, etc and giving out samples of their work.
An exceptional company I wanted to acknowledge is The All Natural Face.
Thanks to STEPH for suggesting them to me!

The All Natural Face has a wide range of mineral foundation, veils, eyeshadows, blush, brushes-- ANYTHING, you name it, they've got it. Not only are the products well priced (SUPER well priced, as I may add), they are eco-friendly, work with you to create custom shades, and have amazing customer service. They're having a 12% off sale right now, so PLEASE, get yours quickly! They also charge the most reasonable shipping prices ever, and ship very promptly.

So one lucky gal (or guy?) gets to win the following:

5 samples of eyeshadows, an applicator, and a gel pot sample from The All Natural Face
UNPICTURED ITEMS, but also included:
3 samples of blush, 2 samples of foundation, 1 sample of concealer.
PLUS a pair of HQCD amethyst polygon dangle earrings.

How to enter
Comment on this post with an answer to the following question, or two questions, however you want to interpret it.
- What is one thing that our society needs to improve on, and why? Is there anything you can personally do to make a positive impact on humanity?

* Doesn't need to be elaborate, and there is no right or wrong answer-- but a well thought-out answer will definitely catch my attention-- and since I'm the one picking the winner, be genuine and creative. I know this might seem like an overwhelming question at first-- but just take a few seconds to think about it =)

** Terms & Conditions: one entry/person. Open to residents world wide. Ends when I make my next blog post (on or before March 6, 2010). Winner will NOT be notified in any way except for through this blog. Visit the blog to check if you are a winner!

Have fun, and hopefully this little question makes us think about what we can all personally do to make this world a slightly better place =). I look forward to reading your answers =)

- Lisa

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Angela said...

Our society needs to improve on their manners. many times i come across people that are very rude.
recycling will always have a positive impact on humanity! which i do every week.

Stacey C. said...

One thing we need to improve on within our society is our prejudice and stereotyping. I think that if we want to all get along in the world with peace and love we need to let go of the past and move forward. Race, Gender or Class which ever it may be we can't think one is superior of the other but that we are all equal in beings and want all the same things. So something we can do to change that is change our view and be more open-minded and embracing of all culture, race and ethnicity. When we finally educate ourselves about this then may peace and not war be put upon us anymore :)

And I truly believe that or else these stereotype and prejudice towards people will not surpass.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Our society needs to work on their rude/bitchy attitude! Attitude doesn't mean it'll be bad but some people need to stop having such selfish bitchy attitude and I hate it. Being a bitch is one thing but having the negative attitude is worst. Maybe it's not really a society... I just want the society to see the other side of things instead of being so bias.

I think recycling and re-using what you can will help the inhumanity =]

By the way, the necklace is gorgeous!

Sherlyj said...

Well, one thing that I'm absolutely boggled by is how society treats the Deaf. They are routinely discriminated against (it's called audism), underemployed and underserved in society. Students are forced to learn to lip read which is stupid (only 30% of the English language can be lipread even by the most advanced lipreader) while punished for learning American Sign Language. Teachers have horrid expectations for the Deaf, just passing them onto the next grade and not actually trying to teach them anything. Mainstreamed Deaf students go to school in isolation because they can't talk to their peers and never gain an identity. Deaf schools are closing all over the nation which is awful considering its the one place that Deaf people feel like they have a home and self worth.

One way to improve this situation is to keep Deaf schools open and learn actual American Sign Language. Not Signed Exact English or Manually Coded English. Make friends with a Deaf person, it's as simple as being open minded.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.


Katie Ngo said...

is this also for people that recently purchased? :]

Anonymous said...

Love those green earrings!!

One thing our society needs to improve on is acceptance of others through unconditional love. We are, after all, brothers and sisters of the world. ♥

Katie Ngo said...

Hey Lisa.
I just wanted to tell you what I think, even if its not the most important. From my own experiences, this caught my attention the most. <3

Our society needs to improve on keeping young adults that are still in school active and make them feel hopeful. The society shows as if we are giving up and not trying hard enough... The best time for a bad situation to happen would be right after school, and thats usually when their parent's aren't home (working&busy) Students will take advantage of that time to cause trouble. I'm not saying all students but the ones that intend to. If our society could have more recreational centers/places, then our crime rate will most likely drop. These centers will keep them busy and keep their minds off of causing horrendous drama. With that in mind, our society needs to give more attention to the younger ones, keeping them active will push them to not carry on the bad generation. Also, free transportation for those that wants to be apart of it. More patrolmen on the streets would help to. They can keep the older criminals off the street so that they wouldn't influence the younger ones to do what they are doing. Oh yeah, if our crime rates drop, most of the things that has been happening may drop as well. Hopefully, it may stop gangs from being formed/increasing, keep students focused, and it will make everyone feel safer. The reason why I pick this was because I've seen teachers bringing down people,making them feel like they have no future. Thats a motivation (bad) for a student. A reason to do what they had to do. It could be racism/anything, but they definitely need to improve on that. I can't really do anything about this. Its only up to society if they want to improve on the crime rates. If this improves, racism & everything will improve.

Really, the only thing I can do is not be "racist." Not even that, I wouldn't even talk about others in a "racist remarked" kind of way. It will cause drama... & if I could, I'd ask to make rec centers. School kids love sports & fun activities. Whether its basketball, football, soccer, etc...regardless, they can't pass up on that offer... I can personally keep one person off the street at a time. For example, my younger cousins. Just keeping them busy will keep everyone safe.

Mara_ said...

Our society needs to improve respect and manners, I see on daily basis how people in traffic push and threaten just to get at their destination a bit quicker. Or in the supermarket; leaving stuff in shelves where it's not supposed to be and on the streets; trash all over. I wish we would all respect each other more and do our best a bit more to make the world better, peacefuller !

Jamie said...

I am sure you're aware of the recent hate crimes plaguing UC campuses including one so close to home at UCD. It's no surprise that is what is on my mind. When I first heard about this, I was speechless. What were people thinking? Were they thinking at all? It dawned on me that our society is seriously lacking in critical thinkers. I would think it is common sense to think before we act and to carefully analyze the consequences of our actions. If more people could do that, I feel our world wouldn't be so horrible, people wouldn't be so jaded and cynical.

But to get there, society needs to pay more attention and put more emphasis and resources into the education systems. Education widens perspective, opens opportunities and broadens our minds and understanding of the world. School shouldn't be all about standardized tests and getting through the material; it should encourage learning, fuel our boundless curiosities and make us crave more. This country, I'm speaking about the US here, needs to get rid of this ridiculous notion that those who pursue higher education are elitist. Ignorance is unbelievably unattractive and is unfortunately, the root of the world's many problem; however, I strongly believe education is the cure.

It is disconcerting that these crimes occurred on college campuses, places of higher learning. But, I guess it is the result of the mess that is our education plan (or lack of plan). It pains me that there exists people who take their education for granted when there are many who can only just dream about it. It many be just me. I tend to over think everything, but I seriously wonder what goes on people's minds when they do such horrible things.

My personal positive impact on humanity is, as cheesy as it sounds, random acts of kindness. Something as simple as holding a door for someone or giving up a bus seat, even if they don't notice it or appreciate it, I feel is a step in the right direction. Picking up someone's tab or paying the toll fee for the car behind you, to name a few. Kindness reminds us of our humanity and our inherent ability to give and love. We all have it in ourselves. When we spread kindness, chances are, it will continue to spread, perpetuating a positive endless cycle.

- - -

Omg, I love The All Natural Face and the earrings in the prize are lovely!!

The green earrings are gorgeous btw. I hope your quarter has not been too painful; I can't believe it's almost over!

MeiBelle said...

Hey Lisa!!

I think it's funny that everyone has said something about attitudes and biased behavior and I have to feel the same way. When it comes to behavior in the world, I have encountered many a people who are very biased and their views on life are very misconstrued because it is based on nothingness. We need to base our views on facts not just hearsay. I think that in order for us to benefit from each other, we need to be open and not judge or react negatively to something that is different.

Also, I think that people need to realize love is not based on what gender a person is! If you fall in love with someone who happens to be the same gender as you, it doesn't mean you need to have a label of what you are. People in the world tend to label everything instead of figuring out anything.


Shiseiten said...

I absolutely loved those orignial white gold calla lilies. :) They're one of my favorites. Nice to see them again! ^_^

I think our society needs to work on what body image is important to us. I think it's sad that people feel the need to be size 0 waist with a big chest to feel beautiful and attractive to others. Modeling used to be different where girls were about a size 10 by today's standards, but ever since the 60's, we've gone to stick skinny, and it is the standard of "hotness" for many people. It's sad that some people feel the need to change themselves drastically by means of plastic surgery or extreme weight loss, and I think it is something that needs to be fixed. Everyone is beautiful, you just have to realize what makes you beautiful and be confident in yourself.

And that's why I love being a photographer. I might not be famous, but if I can start making amazing images with everyday people, people might begin to realize that they too can be beautiful and not have to be 5'11" and size 3. :)

Grace Wong said...

Our society needs to work on learning to live healthy lifestyles, not living off of junk food and soda. Obesity rates in America are way too high.

peonyinlove said...

Our Society needs to work on learning to recycle and re-use some things over and over again instead of instantly throwing it away.

Secondly we need to focus on Healthy eating as well too, because I see obesity is a highest risk rate here is US and not being educated is a very high death rate.

Emmeline L. said...

I think our society needs to improve on their willingness to volunteer and help others that are less fortunate. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are indeed blessed and that there are others out there who simply aren't as lucky. Each person has their own story and none of them can be easily categorized and labeled with a reason for why their situations turned out that way, no matter how hard it may seem to refrain from that. Today, I see too many people volunteering just for the sake of putting it on their resume or personal statement. Then, when they end up volunteering, they treat it like a chore and sometimes even complain about it! Volunteering needs to be seen as acts of kindness that can actually help people who need and depend on it, rather than just as a way to make someone look better.

I personally try to volunteer as much as I can, whether it is at senior centers or at food banks. Whenever I have free time, I try to squeeze in a some volunteer time, even if it might not appear to be much. I'm willing to help out as much as I can and I hope that other people will learn to do the same (hopefully sooner than later).

yumiko said...

the paris earings are so cute! where to order?

Abby said...

Definitely to reuse, reduce, and RECYCLE! All the waste is polluting not only the country but the world! Look at what our planet is coming to. The natural disasters are probably interconnected as a result of all this.

I can and am using my own fabric bags when shopping. And I am encouraging family and friends to do so. A little goes a long way


reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Selene said...

Our society needs to improve on driving skills. There are really bad drivers out there causing traffic jams and worse, accidents!

What I can do? Unfortunately not much since this is more for the government than 1 person. Only thing I can do is to try to raise more awareness.

shiki6210 at gmail dot com

mitch1066 said...

I think we need to teach empathy,to put others before ourselves.I think most problems boild down to that.

phrannie said...

our society needs to look around- open it's eyes and see that we are all really One. when tragedies happen, people wake up - but only then, usually! we need to learn to be compassionate, to not turn away from others because of our own personal issues. we need to be open to experiencing things/people beyond ourselves. everyone has something to teach you. everyone. it is up to YOU to find out what that is.

Willz said...

more TLC to our neighbors and end the narcissism of everyone, i think this would be the best thing that society must improve on.