Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Macaron fail, new pieces, winner of mystery earrings =)

.... a couple of my girlfriends from class and I were talking about some things. We're all the same major and it's fricken' TOUGH. We've jokingly (or even half-seriously) decided that if we all fail at being engineers, we'll get together and open a bakery, haha.

And I love baking, so it'll work out perfectly.... :X

I tried to bake French Macarons (not macaroons...) today, lol. They're very hard to bake, but I wanted to try, anyway.

So... I sort of failed at creating the "feet" that all macarons have... and failed at keeping the crust from cracking, BUT overall, they were still delicious despite being ugly. I'm definitely going to be trying again.

This is what macarons are supposed to look like:

Notice the smooth top, and "feet" on the bottom part, or inside parts of the sandwich cookies.

And during MY baking process, hhaaa


After baking (ugly, I know :\)

Packed away to give away to friends I'll be seeing tomorrow =)

BTW, for those SWAROVSKI Crystal addicts, there are LENSES you can get with crystals in them! INTENSE. Read more HERE.

I know these have been out for a while, but I just came across the link again today and felt like sharing =)

New to HQCD today,

Restock my Blue Morpho butterflies =). A popular piece :D

More origami butterfly earrings:

And some randoms =).

Gasp, a non-SWAROVSKI piece. This one's special, I'm saving is for someone ;).
Made of genuine shell.

Get your HQCD HERE.

Congrats hana to for winning a pair of mystery earrings! If you can email me your full name/shipping address, that would be great =) :D heqicrystaldesigns@hotmail.com

That's it for now, talk to you all later!



xoladiihoneyxo said...

loving earrings dear and it doesn't look bad, plus, you packed it in pretty boxes. hehe. I told steph to open a bakery and sell jewelry on the side. Your major is really tough but I don't think you'll fail, I think you'll be successful =] If anything, you can always go to pharmacy or engineering (depending which sides you're leaning more towards... math or science?)..... and bakery shops. I've always wanted to own a bakery shop but I want it laterrrr on in life.

Shiseiten said...

I've always wanted to make macarons! I found a recipe on a website i frequent and have always wanted to try them. They seem so complicated though!


I really like the new phone strap! I was just thinking of getting a new one. XD Oh, and those contacts are crazy! I find it hard to believe. would those have to be hard lenses to work?

hana said...

As long as it tastes good, looks can be forgiven :p

Plus it doesn't look that bad. I'll eat it in a heartbeat :d

Where do you get all your recipes from btw? online or through a book? do you think you can link the recipes in your posts? :D

Lilly said...

The macarons don't look bad at all and you packaged them so nicely. I'm sure they taste amazing as well.

Congrats to Hana for winning!

baby-kk said...

your maracons looks yummy ^^ they dont look bad :] your shell earrings are beautiful :D

London's-beauty said...

they look delicious! hmmmm. reminds me of the simpsons in a way

Pauline said...

It doesn't look that bad! If I were to try making them, it'll be a disaster. I loveee the packaging :D

woah, those lenses are intense. i wonder if they hurt >.>

Angela said...

the Macarons look fine. reminds me of pineapple buns from the asian bakeries and they're good =]. it's the time u put into making the little presents for your friends ^.^
the non swarovski piece looks really nice =]

Esther said...

The Swarovski lenses are crazy! I had never heard about these! I would totally go for your macarons right now. They only look a LITTLE different from the first picture ^^ . Besides, I think they still look delicious and the brown packaging is absolutely gorgeous. It reminds me of Tiffany's packaging o_o

The non-Swarovski piece is really pretty and elegant looking. I'm jealous of that person. xp

Jess ♡ said...


Jamie said...

The macarons look great! I love the packaging, so cute and neat.

Ahhh butterflies. My roommate loves butterflies and she's part Japanese. I should get her a pair of those origami earrings one day. :D

Susan said...

I didn't realize there were macarons and macaroons. Yours do look yummy; I am sure your friends will enjoy even if not perfect. :)
So glad to see the Blue Morpho earrings back! They are one of my favorites.
Love the new phone charm - It looks sooo Springy!!

MeiBelle said...

I would nom nom those! I love the oragami earrings, too cute!

rae630 said...

Your macarons look fine!! I bet they taste great!!! The crystal lens kinda scare me!! I would have this constant fear of the thought of crystals in my eyes. But very cool. <3 Rina

eki said...

Drools..... I think you did amazing job and it looks really good :D