Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Yosemite, Rockstar Earrings, Charm and more earrings

For 4th of July weekend, I went to Yosemite for the first time with a group of friends. The scenery was breathtaking. It's a shame I got at least 45 (COUNTABLE!) mosquito bites (we forgot insect repellent), and every single one of them swelled like crazy. Unfortunately, the itchiness caused me to be cranky for the remainder of the trip :X

A shot of us, all excited:

And we randomly found a log that resembled a bazooka, lol-- it even had a handle

Got home Monday night, settled in. Today, I had to give a speech in my communications class at 8 AM. Started working on the speech at around 9...
... but Achilles decided he wanted pets instead-- so he laid on my work...

Eventually finished around 2, woke up a little after 5AM to put the finishing touches on the speech, and booked it to class. Everything worked out and went well, so I'm happy =)

And newwwwwwwwwwww jewelry I've been hoarding!

I'm CRAZY excited about this piece. It's been in my mind forever, but I finally produced it today:

"Rockstar" earrings. My current absolute favorite, hands down. The color combo is flawless (ahem... heehee), and believe it or not, these pair of babies took well over 45 minutes to wrap. They're LOADED with crystals and pearls. I hope this finds a good home, and an owner who loves it as much as I do ^^

And some Vampire Desire earrings, to match that Vampire Desire necklace!

Some pretty floral earrings:

A random colorful cutie:

And 3 new pairs of Floral Radiances =)

And lastly... since I was definitely feeling the purple/black today, I'll finish the post with a "Rockstar Romance" charm:


Karen said...

Your mosquito bites sound like such a pain, can't blame you for being cranky after getting them =\ Achilles is such a cutie.. my cat used to do that to me at home too but now she decides to sit my chair space instead lol. I am in love with your rockstar and your vampire desire earrings Lisa!! You're right, the color combo is perfect.. I'm kinda sad I'm missing out on all your pretty earrings but I don't know what to do with my annoying piercings :(

izumi said...

gaaahh! i hate mosquitos >__< i went to tennessee for a weekend and we were photographing a couple in a small forest area.. i saw a swarm of something flying towards me. i realized too late that they were MOSQUITOS!! gaaahhhh! it was soo terrible! i feel your pain!

anyway.. i lovee the rockstar piece! how fun! you put so much TLC into your pieces and it definitely shows :)

Shiseiten said...

I used to go to Yosemite every year with my family and some family friends! Camping in tents is always a thing I enjoy. :) Sorry to hear about the mosquitos. I am also super sensitive to them and mine tend to swell up too. D: I absolutely LOVE the rockstar earrings and the vampire desire ones too! I tend to like dark pearls a lot. :D You are seriously tempting me to buy them. lol. I always look get so excited when I see a new post from you come up in my feed. It is exciting to see all the new things you come up with. ^_^

Mary said...

Sorry to hear about the mosquito bites, I hate those and they do tend to spoil a holiday in my experience :(

So many cute earrings, the "Rockstar" one is awesome and the colour combo IS great. Tempting. Hehe ^.^

p.s. Your fur baby is such a cutie :)

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

oh wow, how awesome looks like alot of fun :) i wanna go to yosemite too

BTW i always love your jewelry ...u r so talented it is soooo pretty!!!!

omg, i espcially like the floral!!!!!

PinkMonkey: ~Emily

Rachel said...

I went to Yosemite years ago and LOVED IT!! I would so go back someday it was breathtaking as you said!

Those rockstar earrings are AMAZING! So pretty =)

Erin said...

the floral radiance earrings are beautiful!

~Lisa said...

I have an mosquito bite from my backyard! It itches like no other and swells!! It's on my foot so it hurts when I walk around at home because my slippers kind of poke at them =.=

& BEAUTIFUL Rockstar piece. One of my fav. as well. I can't exactly pick which one I like most by you cause they all look gorgeous!