Friday, July 09, 2010

SUGAR SCRUB! Winners, Earrings, more chances to score ;)

I took in all of your feedback from the previous post (which is always amazingly helpful, THANK YOU!), and created a couple of pieces with what material I had on hand. I'm officially completely out of the ballend head pins you see on each crystal, so.... no more of these till I get more of the pins. I think the round balls add a crucial extra something to the piece, so I don't want to make any without them :X

So... some new cluster cascades:

I've been working on sugar scrubs to add to my beauty line-- the first one is the REFRESH lemon scented sugar scrub =)
Here are photos of the samples I've put together to include with ALL orders until I run out =)

And a big jar:

These scrubs are made with refined sugar, olive oil, lemon essential oil (all natural), vitamin E oil.
They work as exfoliants, gently, buffing away dead skin cells to reveal a new, healthier layer. The oils help the skin retain moisture. I noticed a difference in skin texture and moisture level on the first use. Use no more than 3 times a week to allow skin to build new layers.
See the item HERE.

Want a Free Sample?!
The first 6 people who comment on this post with "I WANT LEMON SCRUB!" will receive 1 free sugar scrub sample! Only open to US residents this time, sorry! The reason is because I want to be able to ship these with just 1 stamp instead of paying $1.50 for postage for just 1 measly sample :X. Please include your first name and email address in your comment.
No more, sorry! If you make a purchase from the website, I'll include it with your order =)

I've randomly chosen a winner from the last post to receive a pair of earring, some oil blotters, and a sample of my new sugar scrub!

Congrats to: AnNeTtEe !
Please email me at: to redeem your prize!

For a chance to win this package:

Comment below with your favorite SCENTS, and whether or not you're interested in purchasing sugar scrubs. Thanks! Winner will be announced in next post =)

A little random, but I also added a nail buffer to my shop. I love the design, super cute and portable. It's a plus that it works well ;)

see you later,


superwoolu said...

i love the smell of mangos and bananas yummmmm . and of course scrubs would be awesome!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Ah! I want lemon scrub!!

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

I really enjoy food scents like, creme brûlée or blueberry muffins. I just find them so cozy.

I would definitely purchase sugar scrubs from you.

-Laura @ Sawan-Heaven

vanity-fashionista said...


Aozora said...

I love citrus-y scents, and like the person above me, I love food scents.
Mint's always good too.


vanity-fashionista said...

Oh only to the US, sorry was too quick then XD
But I'd definitely want to check out your scrubs and give them a try :D Favourite scent would be jasmine ^^
Love your new creations especially the last one with the star. x

Rachel said...

New earrigngs are stunning!! Oh I want lemon scrub but I live in Ireland *tear* lol oh well!!

I am a sucker for anything that smells of vanilla!! I think it's so relaxing and yummy smelling =)

Samantha said...

I want a lemon scrub!


Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa! I've ordered from you before on soompi. My username there is mizzJ but you probably dont remember me since it's been a while hehe.

I've been a follower for a while but I think this is the first time posting a comment on your blog lol xD


izumi said...

ah, lame. the first time i saw this post, there were no comments available on it! oh well :P

i do love the ball ends to your pins!

mindfulmama said...

I want lemon scrub!

hana said...

I want lemon scrubs!

My favorite scent is vanilla :D And yes I think I would purchase scrubs in the near future. Always reading about LUSH posts but those things are too expensive.


doodlegirl said...

i love foodie smells - vanilla, coffee, chocolate... but mango would be nice and summery! =)

i would love to buy some sugar scrubs, but i prefer smaller jar sizes because i like to try lots of different ones ^.^

Kittenhayley said...

Hi, I love sugar scrubs :)

My favorite scents are vanilla and natural/herbal scents like green tea and lemongrass.

琪琪 said...

my favorite scent when using a body wash/scrub/anything of that sort is lavender. its a very calming scent. lots of lotions or whatnot that says it's a destresser has hints of lavender in the bottle. I would be interested in purchasing scrubs in the future if more scents are available! =)

Sherry said...

my favourite scent vanilla. :D

by the way check out

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite scents are raspberry and lavender. You can't go wrong with those scents! Haha. I've never tried sugar scrubs before but I'm quite intrigued after reading the info you provided about it! :)

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

My favourite scents would probably be something along the lines of vanilla, cinnamon and strawberry. I would definitely buy a sugar scrub, especially one made with natural ingredients. I also like sugar scrubs for exfoliating dry lips, definitely better than using a toothbrush!

Helen said...

I really enjoy fruity smells :)

Your earrings and jewelry are amazing!

London's-beauty said...

the black earrings look definitely gorgeous [with the stars!]
my fav. scent is.. strawberry or almond. They smell deli! but not together.
I'm not a big fan of sugar scrub, so nah I won't buy a suger scrub. I don't like the texture of it.

Pauline said...

The ball ends to the pins ARE really pretty!

I like citrus scents - they make me feel energized.

baby-kk said...

stawberrys, mango & lychee smells sooo nice ^^, & sugar scrubs , they sound good :] and yummy

go lisa! =D

~Lisa said...

Heehee, I know the giveaway is over but I just really wanted to say that your pieces are gorgeous as alwasys.

I'm sure the scrub will be really nice too!!