Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stiletto Jewelry & Another Winner =)

I got these SUPER CUTE charms in the mail today, and of course, sat down to crank out a some jewelry :D

Firstly, two bracelets: (See them HERE)
Simple and clean. "Fashionista"

And "Feminine Charms"

Not literally feminine charms, I was thinking more.. the charms of a female =)

And earrings with white-gold plated versions:

A close up of the cuteness:

And I also got a surprisingly beautiful earring component yesterday..

Plumeria flower posts (Thanks, STEPH for identifying those flowers!)
See the new earrings HERE.

And winner of this gift set:

Is sweetestbliss1
Congrats! Please email me at: to claim your prize!

I have a busy couple of days ahead of me, so I may not be on as much. See you all after my midterm!

BTW, you if guys can continue giving me ideas of scents you'd like to see in sugar scrubs, that would be amazing. THANKS!



London's-beauty said...

oh my :DD the earrings actually look so nice. I don't know whether you took my suggestion of making it longer lol, but i feel happy that you did x]

those flower earrings look fab, my mum would definitely love to wear it. Well, I think it'd suit her. You're coming up with great stuff everytime :P

Pauline said...

Those plumeria post earrings are beautiful! They're very classy looking.

Helen said...

The new jewelry look super cute. I like the simple and clean flower posts. :)

Good luck on midterms!

Rachel said...

The new pieces are gorgeous! The new charms remind me of Cinderella =) Especially the shoe =) So pretty! And I'm still rooting for Vanilla scent-wise =P

Anonymous said...

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izumi said...

how fun!! love the little shoes :)

Josh said...

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~Lisa said...


Those are so girly, daintyy and most of all, AH-DOR-ABLE!! ^^