Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Post of NEW items! BLUSH! Bow Necklace


******* SCREAM.

I've been on the lookout for the perfect blush forever. I bought the bare minerals set, and they had the "warmth" which made me look oddly copper and unnatural. I have pretty white skin, and the tone is actually a little pink, less yellow, so I wanted something more pink/red. Then I bought the VS blush, which made me look like a doll because it was too pink-- still unnatural!!

Say hello to ADRENALINE

This blend was inspired by the colors our cheeks get in the cold, or after exercise or... after certain exertions..

Here's a sort of bad swatch of it. Keep in mind I use a point and shoot, and it pretty much sucks at capturing true color.

Anddd... the cute packaging I've put together for ALL the beauty items. Ready for gift giving!

Anyway, I need to get back to studying, so I'll just quickly post photos and leave you for now =)

I think this necklace is going to be a hit!

I had some extra 7 inches mini heart chain left over from the spool, so this is what I came up with. Simple, clean, not very creative-- did the best I can given the random leftover material. Definitely not one of my creative designs -_-

And and ollllllllddddd pice I found laying around:

** I've been getting TONSSSSSSS of emails regarding items that you've seen and wanted to buy, but are no longer on the website. While I sometimes agree to remake them, I WILL NOT most of the time. I choose to run my business this way because it makes your pieces more special. So if you see something you like, my advice is to get it QUICK, because I most likely won't be duplicating it.



Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read, "or... after certain exertions.."!! ahahaha

Yes, I do believe that that necklace will be a hit, it's so cute!!

London's-beauty said...

I love this post! The packaging is so cutee. Loving the colour of the blush.
Lets hope the necklace will be a hit :)) xx

mint said...

wow the blush looks very pigmented and the packaging's very cute!

Blair said...

Hi Lisa,

I can't seem to find this


in your website?

Pearlholy said...

Hey Lisa!

I've been following you for quite some time now but never really felt the need to leave until recently.

I just wanted to tell you I love your earrings designs. I love how you can just wear the earrings without having to add to a necklace, bracelet and/or rings to compliment your look in order to look sophisticated.

Also, I'm in love with your rose clay which is why I decided to comment and request whether you can man rose earring studs or not. I know many of your rose earrings are one of the kind but I'm so obsessed with them right now and wish to see some rose studs.

Thank you <3

Erin said...

I absolutely love your packaging! Its so cute! I am wondering if you know anyone/have any suggestions of people that do logo design for a reasonable price?

~Lisa said...

AHH! Congrats! Lol! It's a beautiful colour ^^ & love the adorable packaging :)

I can totally see that bow necklace as a hit as well! I love bows and crowns the most ;)


izumi said...

WOW i love that you're venturing into the cosmetics world as well!!