Thursday, February 11, 2010

Royal Crown Series, new Beauty Additions, HQCD Advertising Kit

Last summer, I found a jeweler in Shanghai who makes these high quality royal crown charms, and have been asking my relatives to get some for me whenever I can. These crowns are plated with rhodium, and have a cubic zirconium crystal on the inside. I've seen similar charms around, but none as high quality. Once you actually see and touch the piece, you'll realize how well-made it is =)

A bracelet;
"Hime in Purple"

All the things a princess (*ahem, such as yourselves) would desire; the royal crown, love, pearls, and crystals.

I was feeling the crown motif today, so here are some threaders (only one pair left) with a different motif I bought at the same store =)

I'm also selling a Princess/Romantic style black rose mirror in my shop right now:

Brand new, imported from Japan.
Get it HERE.

And an eyeshadow palette is also for sale! It's by Cameleon Cosmetics, and I've never heard of them, but the colors are beautiful, and suitable for many occasions.

Imported from Hong Kong
More info HERE.

I'm also trying something new as far as advertising goes... I put together these HQCD Advertising Kits and was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping HQCD out with advertising =)

Kit Includes:
- 10 x oversized post cards
- 10 x business cards

I'm thinking of sending these off to whoever is interested in helping HQCD advertise. You can post these up on your local starbuck's or tapioca express's bulletin boards, salons, malls, school, universities, wherever. The possibilities are endless! 
If you're interested in obtaining an advertising kit, please EMAIL ME ( your full name and shipping address. Please title the email "HQCD Advertising Kit".
* You'll get a coupon to use at HQCD for helping me out =)
And, ANYONE can help, regardless of age or location!

Till next time,


Angela said...

the crown bracelet looks really nice =]
i wish i could help u advertise =/

Elana said...

I wouldn't mind hanging some up on the notice boards at my college ^^.

Anonymous said...

Yay for new goodies!!
Feel free to send me an HQCD Advertising Kit!

Stacey C. said...

I'm willing to help :)
One of my friend saw your site before and totally forgot your link. And she really thought the stuff i was wearing was cute and wanted to buy some for herself hehe.

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

those crown charms look very pretty! i like mirror too, very cute! xx

xoladiihoneyxo said...

advertising it at stores is easy so you can send me like 2-3 of those sets and I'm sure I can pass it around school too. I can help you out =] Do you still have my address from the email?

Shiseiten said...

Haha, that's cool that you played the game I was talking about! hmm. I think I could get people going for your things. :D Santa Barbara is a really good college town and there are plenty of places to get your name out there! :D

Tammy said...

The mirror is so cute, very Anna Sui!

yumiko said...

aww.. the bracelets and artwork is so kawaii..i love em. i would love to help.

Miss K. You said...

Lisa, the crown pieces are adorable! I hope you are doing well on your midterms & I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Kym said...

ooo! those crowns really do look high qual! I can just tell from the shine of it! ;P