Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Attempt at homemade caramels, Maybelline Eye Studio Liner

I've been really, REALLY craving caramels. I wanted to buy some off Etsy BUT the seller is so swamped with orders, and I'm craving so badly that I couldn't resist anymore and made some of my own...

My morning class got canceled today, so I went to the store and stocked up on sugar, butter, and more sugar....
... and $50 on a nice, stainless steel 8qt. pot. mmm. Give it to me to spend so much on cooking gear.

It took about an hour of stirring before it was ready to be cooled..
What it looked like in the pot


Packed for love packages!

At the store, I also picked up the
NEW Eye Studio™ Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner
I've been wanting to try a new gel liner for a while, and at $8, this was a steal. Came with a brush, as well! I got the purple color.

Left: After 3 layers
Right: After 1 layer.

The Verdict:
I LOVE the color. It's a pity that it's not half as pigmented as the ads claim it to be, though. But I think it's so worth the $8, especially since the brush that it comes with isn't half bad. I don't mind going over the line a couple times more to make it darker =)

And jumping topics to new earrings at HQCD

Also, I wanted to reiterate that HQCD does business honestly-- whether that be from a business point of view, OR an artist's point of view. I DO NOT entertain requests to knowingly duplicate another artisan's jewelry.

Due to an overwhelming response lately for me to "sponsor" either bloggers or Youtubers, I'd like to publicly acknowledge that HQCD is not sponsoring right now. I've been getting tons of emails from people who'd like to review HQCD-- you are encouraged to do so, but I won't be giving away any more free goods, sorry!

Visit the HQCD SHOP.
Contact me: heqicrystaldesigns@hotmail.com

Have a wonderful week, everyone! A Cellnique review is coming up :D
- Lisa


Lorelle said...

The caramels look deeeelish! Now you have me craving caramels! I've heard so much about those gel liners, but have yet to find any here. Very lovely earrings also :)

Manju said...

The caramels look yummyyyyyyyyy! i tried making them once, in the microwave, and it burned the bowl so bad. Epic failure haha

Esther said...

Ahh the caramels look so good! I was never really into caramels but something about it being homemade makes me really want some. I really like the earrings as well. Very cute! :D

Marie. said...

What happened to chocolate making?! Those caramels look delicious! Dammit now I'm craving caramel lol.

I wanted to try that eyeliner! I'm a sucker for gel liners!

Btw, how are you? I feel like I've been MIA for months lol.

Jennifer said...

ohmygod! may I ask where I can find the recipe for the caramel sweets?

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Done with it already!? lol. I thought caramel candies would take forever. haha. I'm interested in the gel liner, I like the brush =]

I didn't even know why people are emailing you so you can sponsor them to do "reviews." That's just an insult to your business.

Saving Capulet said...

you got me craving for caramel now ._. gah lovely earrings!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

the caramels look yum! I want some too :D

Shiseiten said...

those caramels that you posted off of etsy looked so amazingly delicious! but the homemade ones sound good too. haha. i've never tried making caramel before. maybe i should try it out sometime... :)

Kate Gene said...

I really want to try making caramel! I am a caramel addict! It's impressive that you were able to make it!

Very pretty earrings, BTW!


Tammy said...

ooh the purple looks so nice! Too bad it's not as pigmented as you said but I really love the amethyst tone ;)

London's-beauty said...

wow! i can never make caramel like that yummm
you make it look so easy :P x