Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cellnique (B.Liv Skincare) Review + Free Sample w/ HQCD Purchase

Last month, Selina from B.Liv skincare contacted me to see if I was interested in doing a review on a couple of products. Of course, I happily accepted =). Selina also offered me the Submerge Me Moisturizer as well, which was very kind of her.

The first time I heard of the B.Liv line was from PopChampagne.
A while later, I saw other bloggers review the product, and became curious about "Off With Those Heads". 

Some info about my skin type:
- Sensitive
- chronic dry
- acne free
- get blackheads/whiteheads around the t-zone
- medium oily-ness

I use only 1 half-pea-size drop on my t-zone, especially around the nose where I have the most blackheads. There's a very, VERY faint scent-- I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It's a little bit like faint afterscent of alcohol? But it's barely there. The texture is that of a very thin gel. Reminds me a bit of the Bare Minerals primer texture, if anyone has used that, but minus the slime.

I also used the Submerge Me moisturizer.

^ One entire pump covers the whole face! OMG. SO LIGHT. I love this. I'm a major moisturizer junkie because I have chronic dry skin. And during the winter, it gets especially flaky, and I can barely wear mineral makeup because my skin is so thirsty! I apply this once a day, and my skin's good to go (even with minerals) for the rest of the day. THAT is amazing. I think it's totally worth the price. One bottle lasts a LONG time. It's a white, thin, and very LIGHT lotion. Again, there's a very SLIGHT pleasant fragrance, but it's so slight that I never notice it unless I stick my nose right up to the pump.

Here's what my skin looked like before I started the B-Liv regime:
( I do apologize, I have freckles, and I'm pretty oily here :\)

AFTER 2.5 weeks of B-Liv:

Overall take on the products:
- Blackheads DEFINITELY shrunk in size. I could no longer squeeze them out! Maybe with continued use, they'll eventually go away :X
- LOVE the moisturizer-- I'll be back to purchase more. I like how it comes with A LOT, so I only need like.... 2-3 a year, which is great :D
- I think the moisturizer has made my skin SOFTER. (AWESOME!)
- Packaging = way cute and secure.
- Nothing smells weird, which is a plus.

Other notes:
I really wish I'd taken a photo of this experience, but I've been so busy it just skipped my mind!
2 days into the regime, I had a white-head right under my nose. I really, REALLY despise whiteheads. Instead of popping them (as I usually do), I applied Off with those Heads. Whitehead = gone in two days, without leaving scars like it usually does when I pick at them. No irritation whatsoever.
I also got a sample of the LEECH ME mask. I haven't had time to use this yet, but will let you know when I do.

Customer Service
- Prompt replies, VERY fast shipping-- they use DHL international service and it gets here in about 3-5 business days. SO fast. Such service is usually EXPRESS, and costs at least $20 USD to do so-- so factor this in mind when making an order and looking at the prices!

Other things I'd love to try from B-Liv:
- the pore-minimizing collection! I have huge pores on my cheeks, next to my nose (as you can see in the gross up close shots of my face...)
- I haven't looked, but if they have an exfoliating wash, I'm totally buying one.

Want a SAMPLE of Off with Those Heads?
Make an order with HQCD, put "Bliv Me!" in the comments during checkout, and a sample will beautomatically added to your order. YES, this promo can be combined with any other promo!
Available while supplies last.

And a bit of an HQCD update;
School's kicking my butt right now... SO.... look for item updates in my SHOP instead of here.
Be sure to check out the PROMOTIONS on the sidebar! Take advantage of them!

I do have the BLUE MORPHO earrings back-- only one pair!
I also made GOLD Eiffel Tower earrings-- I love these, and have been wearing them often.

Don't forget to LINK to HQCD!

^ BTW, these exact earrings will be in stock SOON! So many people have asked about them, and I'm VERY honored that the response is so good.

- Lisa


Pauline said...

You've got me curious about "Off With Those Heads" ! I'm about to make an order just so I can try a sample LOL!

btw, are the eiffel tower earrings heavy? >_>

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

they sent me the same stuff...& it definitely works on me....:D

London's-beauty said...

Thanks for the review. It sounds really good! I think your pores have definately shrunk down and it has given your skin a nice glow. I think I might need it.
Don't worry about freckles because I think freckles give a person personality :)