Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pretty Big Update + Plans for the Holidays? PICTURE HEAVY!

December 5, 2009
I'm still offering free shipping/bulk discounts for Christmas! It's NOT too late to place an order =). (If you live in the US, that is. If you're international, I suggest you upgrade to PRIORITY/EXPRESS, ask me about it!)

Here are some new things I've been working on:

A pretty awesome bracelet-- a half bangle?
The tubes are sterling silver, and pretty light. Looks super awesome with pretty much anything.

More earrings..

These golden pearl drops are BEAUTIFUL.

Another understated piece, I think.

Cute Necklaces!

These are super cute, made with the larger 14mm hearts-- The pictures do these designs no justice!

And a simple star pendant necklace:

Check out details of the new items HERE.
Email me if you have any questions/comments!

I'm also selling MY BEAUTY DIARY oil blotters in my shop =)


I got all my snowboarding stuff! Here's a shot of the BF putting my bindings on my board for me =)

I've spent over $500 on snowboarding gear over the passed 2 weeks :X. I still need a helmet-- can't wait for UTAH from Dec. 13-20!!! What're you guys doing over break?

And Achilles going "wth are you guys doing? meow"

Talk to you all later!
Hopefully, I'll get to post my Winter Giveaway soon :X


Angela said...

snowboarding is so fun =] the column necklace really nice.

Tammy said...

Lisa is that your little kitty??? I love love love her colouring!!!! So gorgeous! :D

Noriki said...

the half bracelet is indeed really pretty, i gotta admit that i like the bracelet u made better than what i have right now xD i have a bracelet similar like what you have in this post. its from AzureTreasure. ur heart clasps + pearls (at the end) really stands out here. love it! mine is like a lobster clasps D:

I must agree that the simple star necklace is really pretty too x3

Noriki said...
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xoladiihoneyxo said...

Loving the half bracelet! gorgeous and the earrings! =D

Calia Yang said...

ooh !!! i love everything!! esp the bracelet.

YAY for you!! snowboarding items!

Marie. said...

OMG is that your cat? Aww, I love its colors! =)

Amyness said...

I love the necklaces! I'm such a necklace junkie. I just saw that you'll be in some december pretty pink boxes! that's so cool!

Anny said...

I just thought I'd leave a comment and let you know that I love your creations. They are simple yet fancy and best of all, unique!