Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Finals are over, that means I get to blog! <3 Beauty Additions, Swap, New Jewelry

I've missed you all so! The last week has been NUTS. Lots of studying, and very little of this. BUT, I'm so very thankful to be done (earlier than most of my friends :X).

A couple of friends and I went to the mall today, and I ... spent money, though I'm not supposed to -_-.

Here's what I bought... BAD LISA.

Makeup Forever, Smokey Lash
AHHH. I walked into Sephora, hoping to find a good, MATTE blush. But walked out with the mascara :X. I hope it's amazing! The saleswoman at Sephora RAVED about it, and HER lashes were pretty awesome, so maybe I'll get the same result.

My housemate and I also bought a jacket from Forever21.
THIS, but in RED for me. She got a purple one, but I think she's planning to return it :X

And then... Went to Victoria's Secret to pick up some goodies for the Giveaway I'm gonna be posting, VERY SOON!


She's amazing! I've been wanting a new eyeshadow brush, and this is absolutely perfect. The other brushes are awesome too-- SO SO soft, THANK YOU, Steph!

She also makes AMAZING cookies.... in the cutest packaging :P

And finally... some new pieces. Simple and classy was the theme for this batch.

My favorite (and a lot of friends' favorites, too!)
"Purple Rain"
Only 2 pieces available for now-- should I make these in other colors?

Beaded Balls:

And... A Navette. Something you don't see very often. Same size as a pegasus crystal, so it's a pretty big bling :P

^ One of my top luxury pieces ;)

I've also started gift-wrapping for Christmas!

I'll be back TOMORROW, with details about my new GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned =)

- Lisa


Karen said...

You're so luck your finals are over already! I still have one more tomorrow and it's at 0830PM. Gah!

The gift wrap looks SO pretty! I wish I knew how to tie pretty bows. :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I won't be receiving any Christmas gifts this year. LOL. I love the theme "simple and classy." =D Purple rain is def. simple and classy! I hope the mascara is great and the salewoman didn't lie! haha. Did you had fun shopping? I have one more final left to go and I'm done for the semester!! =D How's all your finals? I know you feel so much better that you got it off your shoulders! I want Steph's cookies =[ lol.

Angela said...

the gift wrap is very pretty =]

Anonymous said...

You deserve a little gift, Lisa! I hope you like the mascara! It's my very favorite!! Cute jacket! :) I just got back from VS, too. hehe
Lovely new necklaces!
Beautifully packaged gifts!

rhaindropz said...

now we're gonna see more posts from your page!!!

hugs!!! i agree steph was so so sweet!!


Amyness said...

you're so lucky finals are over-my last one is tomorrow so I'm taking a study break right now. I heard really good reviews about that mascara and am thinking about buying the waterproof version of that too. I love your new pieces

Miss K. You said...

Yay for EcoTools.. I love their brushes! Wow how do you gift wrap so nicely :P I need to learn from you.

Jen said...

Congrats on living past finals again! :D The Navette crystal is such a gorgeous color! oooooooooh!

Stephanie said...

yay glad you liked it! I forgot to add a note in there.. the reason there were like 5 random cookies in a zip is because I wanted to fill up the shipping weight to 15.9oz. hehe. I learned that cookies are a lot heavier than what I'm used to shippping! gorgeous new pieces!