Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HQCD from UTAH! & Packages!

Hellooooo ladies! It's day 4 in Utah, and I'm SO SORE from snowboarding for one day.

It's so, SO snowy here. I've NEVER been in this much snow (being from California...)
Here's a quick shot of the bf and his brother playing in the snow outside our cabin.

Here's the bf, his bother, and their dad ... our creation, LOL

^ The bf's the one in the middle =)

Oh yea, we stopped by Vegas on the way to Utah to transfer flights, and I played on my first slot machines!

oOo check out this snowflake!

Before I left for UTAH, I got these packages from fellow bloggers.

Here's something I ordered from EKI.
Eki's style is very Japanese-y, princessy. I'm personally a less girly girl, so I prefer something simpler. I fell in love with her Alice prints, and ordered one ASAP.

Check out the extra goodies she included!
Her pouches are SO well made. I've been bugging her to make ID holders/wrislets. Goodness, I'd definitely order a couple.

And Eki does have the cutest packaging, and beautiful business cards!

I also did a holiday swap with Jen. She's an HQCD model, and an amazing person. She knew my addiction to false nails, and check out the goodies she sent me! OMG.

I wanted to wear the Revlon ones RIGHT away, BUT I'm snowboarding, so I don't want to risk putting them on and breaking one :X. THANK YOU, Jen!
BTW, that pink nail polish is pretty AWESOME.

And thank you all for the AWESOME response so far, towards the GIVEAWAY!
There's still plenty of time to enter, and details on the sidebar to the left!

I won't be back from vacation till Dec. 21st-- all orders placed between now and then will be delayed till the 21st!



xoladiihoneyxo said...

awww. I see your having a great time =]

Karen said...

Snowflakes actually look like the paper snowflakes!? =O!

Marie. said...

Lucky! I've never been to real snow, I'm so jealous. Bring me back a snowflake (btw, that shot was adorable)!

Shiseiten said...

I like to snowboard when I can, even if I can't s-turn. XD Looks like you had fun on a snow trip though.

Aah, you got the Eki Alice purse. I was eyeing it, but it sold out quickly. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I was checking out your jewelry and love the pieces! I will have to order something soon. :) And you go to Davis! That's really close to where I live. haha. I go visit my friend there all the time. Anyways, good luck with the holiday orders! and can't wait to see more creations!

Hey. said...

It looks like you had a great time! And great gifts you have posted. (: I nominated you for an award posted on my blog. If you have time, feel free to view it. Thanks <3