Monday, December 21, 2009

Back In Cali & Intro of Bridal Collection!

Got back in Cali last night-- sore, tired.
Here's a shot of a big fat bruise I got on my knee from falling all the time learning how to snowboard, more specifically, S-Turn.

My first time snow boarding was earlier this year in February-- and here's some advice: If you ever plan to learn to do something like snowboard, learn as early as possible. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn stuff like this. The falls hurt less, less injuries. Little kids literally BOUNCE, maybe cry, but are generally fine. Adults... our bodies are fully developed, bones are larger so there's more leverage to break bones ah.


Anyway, I've been working on an official HQCD Bridal Collection for a while. I'm thinking AB colors, just because it's amazing shiny. Any thoughts on these?

This is the Bridal SWAROVKSI V Choker Necklace.
It tapers to a V at the center of the collar bones, stunning. Beaded with HUNDREDS of Crystals! Definitely a luxury piece. Also great for prom and formal parties.

You won't find another more beautiful necklace of the same caliber for under $100!

And some Bridal/Formal Earrings:

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And a big THANK YOU to everyone who did their holiday shopping with HQCD!

See you in a bit,


Anonymous said...

Ouchy, Lisa! Wish you a speedy healing.

Your Bridal SWAROVKSI V Choker Necklace is absolutely STUNNING! I would have bought that in a heartbeat for my wedding day!

And such classy earrings!

Angela said...

wow.. huge bruise and amazing necklace
i just started learning how to snowboard as well but i had those big puffy pants so i didn't get any big bruises. i did however get a big scratch on my back because i slide and landed on my back instead of my ass.
the necklace is so pretty, i'm too young to get married xP

Calia Yang said...

welcome back!! missed ya!!! welps - glad you got to snowboard, BUT sorry to hear you got all beat up from it. but hey - NO PAIN NO GAIN! lol jk ^_^ I hope you feel better soon!!!

I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR BRIDAL COLLECTION SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should've gotten married AFTER your collection came out!!! T_T oh well - maybe when I renew my vows LOL *hugs*

have an uberness day!

Dina (XYYan) said...

aww, hope your bruise will heal soon.
and your necklace is absolutely gorgeous!! it looks really elegant

xoladiihoneyxo said...

aww, I hope your bruise will heal soon! Yes, it's true... the earlier we learn, the better. Leaves more timing for mistakes than when we're older and our body is well developed. the necklace and earrings are gorgeous! I love them. I have a similar pair of earrings and I've always wanted it longer =D

Karen said...

I had a similar bruise from falling down while ice skating. Not as hardcore, but just as ugly. XD

The bridal choker piece looks amazing!

Tammy said...

Lisa!!!! My knee hurts just from seeing yours! Rub a hard boiled egg on it!

Aww your jewellery this post would look lovely on a blushing bride ^^

Jewelry By Jessica said...

That necklace is soooo gorgeous <3 it