Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ear Cuffs, Rocker, Wings and Orchids

... today has been a busy and productive Saturday for me. I experimented with a few new bath and body products, and over the course of last night and the majority of today, I put together 3 pairs of cuffs for everyone: (and more!)

Spring is coming. Everyone knows how much I like to make spring earrings. Here's another SPRING themed cuff set which reflects my colorful style:

I have a few of these beautiful, bright rhodium open star charms left and made another Star set:

These little silver embellished wings were a part of my findings collection a while back, but Alyssa recently sent me a couple more... so it's natural I must use them in these Wing Cuffs:

Also, everyone should head over and check out Alyssa's blog linked above; she's an extremely talented earring artisan and has a whimsical style that I am drawn to.

Alyssa also sent some other findings, which I made into these one of a kind antique brass earrings, and added Niobium ear wires for those of us sensitive to metals:

I also added another to the Pretty Orchid Collection:

I also ... made something a bit different from what I normally do. I ventured into thicker chains for bracelets on this Rocker Angel bracelet:

I think this came out well.

And just a very, very simple piece:

See My Black, Black Heart HERE

I hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Have a restful Sunday.

Please note: I am going on Vacation to Japan for 2 weeks starting March 23, returning April 7th. It's likely I won't have internet much, so any orders received on March 23 will be a bit delayed; Thank you so much for your patience and continued support!


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MeiBelle said...

I love the brass earrings! Gorgeous! And Japan??? Soo envious!