Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing back some old favorites with new beauties.

So many people have emailed about my Calla Lily earrings..
My supplier in Korea had stopped manufacturing these for a while because the price of precious metals has been increasing, and they needed to determine what was the best for their business. Thankfully, they have decided to continue production. Unfortunately, these have experienced a slight price hike, but the quality is simply top notch as usual.

Enjoy the Romantic Golden Callas:

And the Serene Callas:

I also decided to sample some other cute studs-- I think you'll like them!

The Queen-to-Bes are really adorable and perfect for every day wear.. I have them in SILVER as well as GOLD.

These Golden Swirly heart earrings are just fun :)

Right after waking up this morning, I came up with these earrings:

I've never seen hearts wire wrapped like this before, I think it looks super classy.
This is another addition to my Everyday Classic collection!

And last but not least, I am very happy with these bridal style floral earrings "Bride in Florals":

VACATION REMINDER: Any orders received on Thursday Mar 22 - April 7th will be postposted to ship  after my return on April 9th! I am going to visit Japan, and may not have consistent internet access. Any orders placed within the next two days will be shipped immediately!

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Have a great night, everyone. Thanks for dropping by tonight!


Anonymous said...

The Romantic Golden Callas are gorgeous!

Shiseiten said...

Wow! The Bride in Florals is stunning! Absolutely love it.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Pretty earrings. I'm glad they decided to continue to produce them =]

Have a wonderful time in Japan!

Starryxfantasy said...

These earrings are perfect for spring! :D
Enjoy your trip to Japan, take lots of pictures! ^_^

ko0ty said...

Love these earrings!