Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Debut: Sailor Moon Inspired Solid Perfume Lockets and Future Custom Lockets

Many of you have been curious about the Sailor Moon Inspired Perfume Locket I had posted last time/on Twitter/on FB... and it had been so close to releasing, but just needed a few final tweaks to details like the chain, and photography of the aluminum solid perfume inserts.

So here it is:

This is a piece of art that makes me extremely giddy because it brings back so many fond memories and positives feelings.

Again, I want to emphasize that perfume lockets are NOT a new thing; Victorian women wore them all the time, but the more popular method back them was to soak some  cotton in essential oils, and keep it in the locket so that when the locket is worn against the skin, your body heat helps release the fragrance. If you take some time to Google/Etsy, I'm sure that you'll also find many other solid perfume craftresses; but my purposes was not to copy them/take their customers away, but to take a old idea, and play it up with a new concept, and reach a whole new audience.

These can be worn with chains (available separately)-- I have been wearing this to work and have received many curious questions and compliments!

My first experience with solid perfume was at the Whole Earth Festival - UC Davis 2008. I met a craftress who made a myriad of bath and body products from soaps (from scratch, using lye!) to lip balms to solid perfume and lotion bars. I was intrigued. I am sad I did not keep her contact information as those are the people I gravitate toward supporting. Anyway, the idea of creating natural, unique mixtures to inhale all in a cute package just.... thrills me. I started doing research, and stumbled upon various creations of perfume lockets which have further inspired me to create my own.

I am in the process of creating other scents.. of course, using all natural and/or organic/local/wildcrafted ingredients!
You'll have the option of just purchasing the little perfume pans to sample the scents first. These are also the same sizes used to fill the inside recess of the locket:

There are lots of more options and customization to come. Many formulas in the pipeline. If you have any specific blends/scents you'd like to see featured, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Eventually, I am moving towards creating custom monogram, initial and name perfume lockets :)

^ These are in early prototype stage, but I have never seen anything like these... so its exciting to give a sneak peak :)

I need to get back to a working sleeping schedule, so I'm off for the night. I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow.



Annie said...

The locket looks lovely! Sailormoon ftw! My favorite scents would include pomegranate, raspberry & mango. Pomegranate/raspberry usually go together really well :)

Keep up the great work, Lisa!

InsideOut Elle said...

Very innovative! This reminds me of solid perfume rings I saw awhile back actually. Oooo and perchance perfume rings in the future ;)?

Anyway this is cute idea, I like how you can reuse the locket part for other things afterwards!

you and sailormoon :)

Pop Champagne said...

the locket looks so pretty!! <3