Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lip Balm Winner; Matcha Mint Sugar Scrub?!

A huge thanks to everyone who keep coming by to read my little going-ons! Many of you shared what He Qi goodies you were interested in; thank you so much for your input! I actually ended up entering everyone who left a comment at all, regardless if it related to the question :D

Congrats to and  Tina Y. & Shiseiten; you guys have both scored a tube of He Qi's Matcha Mint Lip Balm! Please email me with your full name and shipping address :)

In other news, my obsession with bath and beauty products continues. I have so much in the pipeline, I don't have enough time to experiment and play with all the things I want to!

Please welcome the release of the Matcha Mint Sugar Scrub!

I've been using this scrub for my hands and face, and I love how fresh and mildly sweet it smells, as well as how soft and smooth it leaves my skin. Winter also is a time for chronic dry skin for myself, and this helps my moisturizer work better.

I have samples available HERE.

These mini sugar scrubs make WONDERFUL wedding/bachelorette party favors!! 

I am giving away 1 sample of the Matcha Mint Sugar scrub:

If you'd like a chance to receive a free sample of the Matcha Mint Sugar Scrub, please comment below in this post:
What would you do if you came across $1000 this instant? No strings attached, use your imagination to answer this :)



Sarah said...

buy lots and lots and lots of pretty fabric and make the most luxe drapey fort with pretty lighting. LOTS of pretty lighting :D

Unknown said...

I would put it towards a savings account! :)

Jessie said...

I would buy tons of books, makeup, more books, gadgets, and the rest will go to my parents :)

grace said...

What would I do with $1000??
That's a great question! haha
I would buy clothes, makeup, books, scrapbooking things, and would donate to nonprofit organizations.

Joanne said...

If I came upon $1000 I would buy groceries, pay off a few bills, buy clothes & toys for my kids, and a little surprise for my hubby... may be even treat myself to a mani & pedi... LOL You would be surprised at how far I can stretch $1000... HAHAHAH ;)

Vicky said...

I would put the $1000 towards a car XD I just passed my test and desperately want to drive XD

Annie said...

That matcha mint sugar scrub looks awesome!

I would use that $1,000 towards my wedding. More specifically to pay off either: the wedding ceremony venue, our amazing photographer, or buy the bridesmaids dresses or rent the tuxes :P

Kittin said...

I'd go buy myself a new laptop!