Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Excuse to Bake, Bath Salt Winner + Matcha Mint Lip Balm Launch + Giveaway :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
I don't care for Holidays much (because every day is a holiday, and I more than half serious about this), except for that I get an excuse to bake.

Last night, I made these sugar cookies w/ tinted Vanilla frosting, decorated with sugar pearls + other sprinkles.

For the most part they were simple, I got a little impatient with decorating towards the end, haha.
Today, I brought them to work to share with the office :) There's truly few things better than sharing something homemade.

Last week, I had the pleasure of customizing some little cuffs for Annie's wedding:

Thank you, Annie, for letting me be a part of your big day!

I am also excited to show off these cute sterling silver resin flower studs:

^ I have my own pair in cream, and I've been wearing it to work, with lots of positive feedback :D

The mint blue and deep purple are lovely, as well.

Last post, I asked for creative ways that you are eco-friendly in your daily life. Everyone had great inputs, and the random winner of the Grapefruit Bergamot bath salts is:  Paula 
Congrats! Please email me your full name and shipping address to receive your sample!

I'm pretty stoked to be announcing the new formula and packaging for my CLAY FACIALS:

They're in little foil pouches now, and 1 pouch lasts 3 uses. I have decided to go with 1 universally beneficial formula instead of many different types. Please read more about it in the listing!

And last, but definitely not least, I am SUPER duper excited to be introducing my Matcha Mint Lip Balm!
Conceptually, Matcha Mint is quite unique; I thought long and hard about the most beneficial ingredients, and everything I make is created with a purpose.

I was fortunate to have received tons of feedback on the prototype version of the balm. With your suggestions, I was able to improve the formula. The result is a quality lip balm that many of you have been a part of.

Lip balms are individually packed in biodegradable glassine bags, and comes with a description card and sealed, ready for gift giving.

I am giving away 2 full-sized lip balms to fellow readers!
All you have to do to qualify for a chance to win is to leave a comment to this post with a link to an item you're most likely to purchase in my SHOP, as well as your location (country is fine).

Thanks for dropping by; don't forget to spread the word about this mini giveaway! I will announce the winner in my next post :)

I hope you all have a great rest of the day. Happy Valentine's Day!



MeiBelle said...

Girl you work fast! I just started using my sample and I loveee it. I'm sure your improvements to the balm are even more amazing.

Happy Valentine's Day babe!!

Annie said...

Thank you so much Lisa for helping be a part of my big day in August! I'm sure the gals will LOVE their cuffs!

As for your question of what I'd get from your shop next is this: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/rockstar-angel-cuff-earring-set My location is obviously lovely Bay Area, California :)

Pauline said...

I wish I worked at the same place as you (so I can get homemade goodies to eat too ;) ).

And YAY! So excited that you finally launched your lip balms! Count me out of this giveaway since I got a sample from you :)

Ellie said...

I really love your baking skills. I would purchase http://www.shopheqi.com/product/spring-in-copper. I'm from the US.

Shiseiten said...
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Shiseiten said...

Cute cookies! and I absolutely love those mint rose studs (i might break down soon and get them). :D My top wishlist item from you right now though has to be...My Volcanic Romance Necklace.

I have been in love with since since I came to your shop in 2010. I just haven't gotten around to buying it... XD I'm from northern california, but currently reside in Santa Barbara for photography school. :)

Vicky said...

I love those flower studs!! Especially the dark purple ones :)

Matcha Mint lipbalm sounds amazing!!

One thing I would like from your shop would be this: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/pampering-bath-tea

Perfect after a long day at work :)
I'm from the UK. Happy Valentine's Day xx

CATHLEEN said...

It's amazing how you created your own lip balm.

Sydney Australia
I would most likely purchase

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous of your baking skills! If I could, I would buy this:

I live in the USA :)

Sarah said...

LOVE this statement choker necklace! :)

i also love the idea of green tea in a lip balm <3


PikaShel said...

I'm in NY and I'm going to ask for this necklace for my bday in march :) http://www.shopheqi.com/product/royalty-in-flight-necklace

Kristyn said...

Those cookies look amazing!!

I really love these: http://www.shopheqi.com/product/mint-blue-flower-studs

I'm from Canada!

KI said...

dang girl, i'm loving your packaging!

Tina Y. said...

:] hey, Lisa. I'm from New York. I would get the royalty in flight necklace. Liking the simplicity and design. http://www.shopheqi.com/product/royalty-in-flight-necklace