Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bath Tea Winners.. Bath SALTS (and one to give away) + Cluster Earrings!

Thanks to those who shared their scents with me last post!
 Elana &   Annie !!
^ Ladies, please email me with your full name and shipping addresses so that I can ship your bath teas to you :)

Also, today is the day I release.... dun dun dun...


They come in charming Spanish bottles that you can re-use or refill when empty.
I don't believe in using synthetic/harmful ingredients in my products. No fillers. No preservatives. No parabens, phthalates. Cruelty free (tested on happy volunteers). You'll always get natural, wholesome products with genuine essential oils with aromatherapy benefits. I am quite sensitive myself so I often can not use store bought products.

I am also providing SAMPLE of all home made bath/body products. I understand how subjective bath/body can be, and I want you to be able to try a small amount before purchasing the full size!
And yes, these bags ARE biodegradable, so please make sure you use the salts within 2 months of purchase or transfer them into another container.

I also made little bicone clusters!
My girlfriend and I are collaborating on a high-end line, and these are our results. The idea is to provide simply, but extremely well made, durable and high quality jewelry.


They're made to last.

And these are my favorite. I have a pair for myself that I've been wearing to work with my navy blue outfits:

Love love love.

Now  I would love to give away a free Bath Salt sample to someone...
Leave me a note below with at least 1 way you attempt to be environmentally aware aside from recycling :)

Looking forward to writing again,



Sherry said...

bring your own tupperware for take away food :D

WendiiE said...

Bring reusable bags for grocery shopping! :)

Annie said...

YAY! Thank you for my sample of bath tea! I sent you an email, Lisa :)

As for your question, I've been buying more from companies that try to be more sustainable/green!

Elana said...

Thanks again for the bath tea!!! I am super excited! The ingredients seem to be super awesome!

When I'm at the deli near my house I usually ask for no bag and just carry the items. It's not much..but it's a start!


Jamie said...

Whoa, bath salts, too?! What CAN'T you do? xD

My efforts at being more environmentally friendly:
- buying things with less packaging (love Trader Joe's but a lot of those veggies don't need to be sealed in plastic)
- cutting back on meat and dairy
- reusable mugs, bags, food containers, utensils, etc. :)

Paula said...

To answer your question, I've been using reusable grocery bags a lot more than I used to. They are also great to use if you have kids. You can carry drinks and snacks and toys without worry they will ruin. :)

Joanne said...

I usually use my reusable shopping bags, reuse certain items for art projects with my kids, unplug all unused appliances & chargers, limit our consumption of electricity & water, & recycle (of course) :) Biodegradable items are the next thing on my list... just have to find a supplier I can order from. My hubby educated me more on our carbon footprint... =D