Thursday, February 23, 2012

Calla Lily Lariat Necklace, earrings + winner of Matcha Sugar Scrub sample!

Happy almost-Friday!

Thank you all for sharing what you'd do with $1000, there are some interesting answers! Congrats to Joanne-- you've scored a sample of the Matcha Sugar Scrub! Do email me with your full name & shipping addy to claim your prize :D

So I've been taking a break from the beauty products and getting back on my jewelry kick...

I've been hoarding these Calla Lily findings for so long, today I finally found inspiration and used them to create a LARIAT necklace!!

I'm actually quite proud of this creation; many customer in the past have asked for more lariats.... well, here is the first in a long time! I hope I've made you proud :)

Close up of the adorable lilies:

And of course.. some earrings to match :)

I do love this set as it's so simple and classy; lilies are timeless! The owners of these pieces will notice that they are made to last :) The calla lilies on the earrings are slightly bigger than those used on the necklace piece.

I took the vintage SWAROVSKI crystal hearts I got a while back and married them to wavy pearls for a fun dangle for any outfit:

Yes, I do have different color combinations for those who are looking for bright options!

As I continue with my jewelry adventures this week, I found myself nostalgically yearning for Sailor Moon when I came across this video:

Did I mention that Lara is an extremely talented musician? She makes me miss my piano.

Anyway, as a tribute to miss Sailor V, I created the following:

The colors are SO Sailor Venus, I just could resist but to name them after her :)

Finally, I created SWAROVSKI Bridal Clusters today; it was the most random creation of the day, but the mood was right:

I hope you've enjoyed the goodies today! Please visit my website if see anything you're interested in; He Qi makes unique, lasting gifts for loved ones! I appreciate the time you've taken out of the day to stop by.. please say "hi" by leaving a comment below!



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Pauline said...


.... Just because you said so.

I love the new designs, especially the bridal earrings, even though I'm not getting married anytime soon...(probably in another 10years).