Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back from MIA! Loki, Kratos, bling eye candy :)

Hello everyone! I'm done with my undergrad, and commencement is this Friday! YAYYY NO MORE SCHOOL... for a long time :) The last week has been quite insane, with me getting a total of 20hrs of sleep, the entire week. I generally need, or prefer about 8 hrs/day... so that wasn't the best time I've had :P. Otherwise, everything has ended on a positive note :)

I haven't gotten the chance to share with you all that we ended up adopting Kratos' brother!
We weren't sure what to name him for the longest time... we started with Hercules, contemplated Hades, and ended up with LOKI because this guy has super amounts of energy and is quite mischievious, haha.

... he also has the cutest sleeping habits. You can't tell clearly in these photos, but he's sleeping on his back, with his front paws in the air:

^ About a week ago?

And just about 10 min. ago:

And this one is just cute:

Kittens cuddling! :)

For the first time today in a while, I've had the time to find time to make some new creations. In just two weeks, the price of sterling silver/gold has really increase, and I haven't had a chance to stock up (lack of funds.. )... so you may see a slight increase in price.

I'm going to show off my favorite first:

I know many of you have requested rings, so here's one! Solid 14K gold, and it's just beautiful. The focal piece is a SWAROVSKI filigree flower :)

Some more springy earrings:

classy pearl drops:

Another everyday classic:

And finally, more clover earrings:

Today, I plan to eat, sleep, workout, make jewelry and spend lots of time with the kittens.
I leave you with another cute photo.

I hope you all are doing well-- As things settle down for a bit, I'll have more time to browse and drop by your blogs ;)



Shiseiten said...

That ring is simply beautiful! I definitely want to pick one up once my job starts up. :D

Soo said...

I love the name Loki, such a good name. also, I usually don't like gold but that ring is gorgeous! I already put it on my wishlist so hopefully I will get it next month when I'm off my self-ban :)

Maeve Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing school Lisa! =) Loki is SO cute! Love the name too. It looks like they are getting along great =) That ring is stunning, absolutely! Your work is always so beautiful.

Pauline said...

I love the last picture! Kratos(I think that's him?) has a mischievous smile on his face while Loki seems caught off guard that you're taking a picture of him.