Monday, June 13, 2011

BME Class of 2011 Graduation :) Personal Post

... in the blink of an eye (kinda.. though it didn't seem like it when it was actually happening), my undergrad career is over!

For those of you new to the blog, my name is Lisa, UC Davis College of Engineering graduate of 2011, graduated on June 10, 2011 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering. I have a full time job for a Biomedical company in Rancho Cordova, CA starting in July 2011. Currently my hobbies are making jewelry (which I sell HERE, and have been selling since 2004), reading, and spending time with my loved ones, including the bf and two kittens (KRATOS and LOKI).  My other interests include cooking, baking, eating, keeping fit... though they don't always go hand in hand. I also have an attraction to skincare products and makeup, though I use little of both and hoard tons. My character in RIFT recently reached level 50, and I'll be going to Vegas in 3 days.

Phew. Hi guys :) it's nice to meet you.

I have been itching to write a huge blurb on how I ended up doing what I do (getting at where I'm at...) but I think I'll save that for another time. Today, I'll talk a bit about my last week of undergrad :)

"Dead Day" was the day before finals, where no classes are held so that students can recuperate and get ready for finals... or so it was meant to be.

My Dead Day started at 6:30. I was at the BioMedical building by 8 to get ready for our annual Symposium, where the groups get together and present the final result of our senior design project... and ended at 7 PM. That was exhausting. I had a 8AM final in my Shakespeare GE class the next morning!

Fast forward exactly one week, 6.10.2011

We were surprised, shocked, and truly honored that our 6-month project ended up receiving honorable  mention for Best Overall Design.
Here's a shot of the powerpoint, where my professor gave out awards :)

And here's my awesome group-- couldn't have done the project without them.

Yep, that's our poster in the back. We're a group of 2 Mechanical Engineers (the boys), and 3 Biomedical Engineers (the gals). I'm on the far right :)

On graduation day, the BME department held a cute get-together for just our major, since it's pretty small.
Here's a shot of the BME girls (my team-mates, and good friends I have made in the last few years of school, we helped each other out a lot) .. along with my amazing senior design professor/mentor:

During the same commencement lunch, Brian and I:

I did decorate my hat for the actual college of engineering commencement ceremony:

The aluminum piece is a part of our emasculator from our design design. Cupcake = my love for baking. The pearls = my jewelry hobby :).. and of course, representing the Biomedical Depeartment (BME!)

The entire 2011 College of Engineering consisted of around 450 ish people:

Which is pretty large, I think. GO ENGINEERS!

And of that, here's the BME department, about 40 people:

Family shot!

And now, I'm at Brian's, relaxing for a few days. We're off to Vegas this Friday, not coming back till Tuesday! There's a vacation announcement on my website for those who are thinking of placing orders during that time-- I won't get to them till I get back!

Here's a shot of Brian with the kittens. We were playing RIFT and the boys love to lounge on Brian.
Loki on his arm;

Yes, that's Trader Joe's guacamole. It's delicious. I'm generally NOT an advocate of non-homemade guac, but this is called Avocado's Number, and claims to have 5+ Hass Avocados in it. Don't know how true that is, but it's the ONLY guac out there that I know of which as REALY gauc chunks in it, and doesn't taste like... avocado flavored paste. TRY IT if you're a fan :) It's also not too expensive, at about $3.50/two packs.

And here's KRATOS, on his lap:

Brian's the ultimate kitten bed. They love him, I'm a little jealous :P

Anyway, I'm off for more relaxing. I think I'll try to get a jewelry post up before I leave for Vegas.. but no promises yet :X

Congrats to all classes of 2011. You've  made it, now go out there and kick some ass.



xoladiihoneyxo said...

Again.... congratulation dear on graduating with a BS degree and the full time job already!!! That is one big class of engineers O_O' I expect it to be smaller, even with the big varieties of engineer majors. You know what? You deserve a spa day! Go for it =D

InsideOut Elle said...

congratulations ^_^!

Kittin said...


Maeve Rachel said...

Congrats Lisa! I'm graduating myself this year! I hope you have a great time in Vegas! =)

Joanne said...

Congrats on graduating! I am new to your blog, and I wanted to tell you that your jewelry line is beautiful! I plan on ordering some pieces when I get back from vacation. ^^

Cat in Calico said...

Congratulations on graduating from a fellow "BMEr" (UT Austin alum)! Even more warm congratulations on having a job lined up right after graduating--and a BME job at that! A lot of my BME friends cannot find biomedical jobs, so they go off to something engineering/tech related, though it usually has nothing to do with medicine. I'm very glad that your talent is going to where it will grow best.

Masa Yume said...