Friday, May 27, 2011

Tons of bracelets: 2 for $10! + Earrings & Ring

All of these bracelets are NON HANDMADE by me (thus the price), imported from Shanghai, China!

Most of these are priced at 2 for $10, some are $12 for 2 because they're a but larger, have more unique/precious stones/beads.

Here's a view of some of the bracelets on sale, there will be MORE added soon! I have quite a few, but haven't had the time to take photos. There is ONLY ONE of each set available!

Also made two pairs of earrings:

Celtic Bride!

And I've been wanting to make these FOREVER. I just needed to track down the exact square post earring I wanted, then glued on the appropriate SWAROVSKI flatbacks :)

And another ring :)

... here's KRATOS curled up on my lab! Sleepy head.
Right now, he's napping next to my feet...

... oh yea.. Brian and I also decided to adopt Kratos' littermate... he'll have someone his size to wrestle with! 
Brian's brother is going to be picking him up later to bring over here :) SO expect more photos, haha... man, my bank account is going to dwindle real quick :X. I didn't realize KITTENS were so expensive! GUYS, if you're planning to adopt a kitten, be prepared to spend around $500 on it straight out-- especially if its NOT from the shelter/SPCA-- you'll have to pay for shots, housing, litter/box, toys, food, dishes, exams, spay/neuter. 


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rebecca said...

Yes ill be anticipating those upcoming photos XD